What We Eat For Lunch At The TIU HQ

By Katrina Scott on

Hey babe! How’s your week going? Are you back in the swing of things after the long weekend? It took me a couple days haha. I’m sitting at my desk at the HQ having lunch between meetings. (I try to set aside some time and not eat during meetings but that’s tough sometimes!)  Since I know you’re super busy too, I wanted to share some of my go-to easy and quick lunches that are perfect for workdays. They’re of course healthy, delicious, and totally Tone It Up Nutrition Plan approved too! Karena and I love these meals at the TIU HQ and when we’re filming or running around town, so no matter what your typical day looks like (whether you’re in an office, at home, working on your feet), you can find something that works for you too.  Gotta run into my next meeting ;) Love ya tonsss! xxo, Kat

Meal Prepped Leftovers 

You know meal prep is the BEST strategy for busy babes. I try to make lots of extras for the week on Sunday, like lean proteins, quinoa, and homemade salad dressings. When Brian and I cook dinner, we also make extras to bring in to work the next day.  Tray Bakes are so easy to turn into a lunch. You can make a salad with 2 cups of leafy greens topped with your leftover Tray Bake. Then drizzle on some olive oil or a TIU approved dressing of your choice. You can also make Tray Bakes or sautés into a slimming soup. It’s so easy! Just heat your leftovers on the stovetop with vegetable broth and your favorite herbs and spices and voila, a brand new meal! We love to mix in collagen too :)

Anything But The Kitchen Sink Salad

This is what I’m eating right now! You literally just toss in whatever ingredients are in the fridge at home (or in my case, at the HQ!) and mix it up in a big bowl or meal prep container. This is perfect toward the end of the week when you may have extra greens, veggies, or meal prepped protein that needs to get eaten.

Bikini Wrap 

We like these for days when we’re running around because they’re portable. All you have to do is combine your fave protein (we love wraps with tuna, chicken, tofu, or chickpeas) with lots of veggies, maybe some avocado, and TIU approved dressing. Wrap it up in a collard green and you’re good to go!

Grabbing a Salad To-Go 

We get that sometimes meal prep doesn’t happen and you need to grab lunch out ~ it happens to us too! On days we buy lunch, Karena and I have a couple go-to spots in Manhattan Beach. We love this Avocado & Lentil Salad from a place right up the street. (We recreated the recipe for you here so you can try it too!).  If you’re grabbing lunch from a spot near you, just remember to keep it Lean, Clean, ‘N Green. Go for a salad with lots of veggies, lean protein, and nuts or seeds, hold the cheese and creamy dressings. You can ask for a vinaigrette or just olive oil, vinegar, and some fresh lemon. Or grab a whole wheat or gluten-free wrap with protein and veggies — same deal as your salad with cheese and condiments.

Farmers’ Market Finds

We have a local farmers’ market near our office once a week, and everyone from the HQ loves to go and stock up on produce and lunch items. Karena’s fave is the poke. If you have a local farmers’ market too, this is a great option to get out of the office for a bit and find some fresh, seasonal foods.

What are your go-to lunches? Tell us in the comments! Sending lots of love from the HQ!


Looking for more easy lunch ideas, quick recipes, and nutrition advice that fits into your lifestyle? You can find it ALL in your Tone It Up Nutrition Plan.

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