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Meet your all new 2024 Summer Challenge and Turn Up The Heat Program. Become a stronger version of you with this four-week, total-body challenge. Let's commit to our goals and crush this challenge together!

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Your Program Trainers

Join your Tone It Up Trainers and Turn Up The Heat for 4 weeks of fitness, mindfulness, and wellness.

Together, they'll help you take the guesswork out of your wellness routine and will guide you through a variety of modalities. This well-rounded program ensures you'll develop a balanced and sustainable fitness routine no matter where you’re at in your fitness journey.

What to expect:


    Join us in the Tone It Up App for the all new 4-week program. You can expect:

    • Total Body Strength Training, Core Work, HIIT, Cardiovascular Conditioning, and Low Impact Workouts.
    • New yoga flows and meditations!
    • A progressive program - your workouts get more challenging each week!
    • Access to an incredible community of supportive like-minded women to stay motivated.

YOUR Meal Plan

    There is a brand new Meal Plan for Turn Up The Heat! You can expect:

    • 55+ New Delicious and Palm Springs-Inspired Recipes
    • Fully Customizable Meal Planning Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert, and Snack Recipes that are perfect for any lifestyle.
    • Easy to Follow! Simple solutions to commit to your nutrition goals.

Win AmAZING Prizes That Celebrate Your Journey!

    Join our exciting 4-week challenge and stay motivated with amazing rewards! Every step of the way, you'll be encouraged to stay connected to #TIUTeam, stay consistent in your workouts, and be proud of every win!

    Sign up now and be part of a challenge that celebrates your dedication and success! You could win:

    • An Incredible Sign Up Giveaway
    • Weekly Prizes to Celebrate Your Commitment
    • An Extraordinary Grand Prize To Celebrate Your Accomplishments! We want to reward you for prioritizing yourself and taking it to the next level with the best ways to feel even better after your workouts.

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Everything you need to know

Turn Up The Heat will challenge you and the TIU community to push beyond your comfort zone, embrace the heat, and emerge stronger, fitter, and more resilient than ever before. Embark on a journey of transformation that extends beyond physical fitness to encompass holistic well-being and personal growth. With guidance focused on nutrition and mindfulness practices, we encourage you to cultivate a deeper connection with yourself and unleash your full potential to conquer your goals.
Sign up for Turn Up the Heat in your Tone It Up app! If you haven't already, be sure to download the app. The Turn Up the Heat program is also this year’s Summer Challenge, so join in starting June 3rd!! We’re conquering 30+ workouts in 28 days!
Yes, you need an app subscription to access Turn Up the Heat, which you’ll find in our featured programs! Access this program and more for $14.99 per month or $99.99 per year.
The Turn Up the Heat program lasts for four weeks! However, you can stack some of the workouts or skip some if you need—it’s always about doing what works for you! If you love it (and we know you will!) you can also go for round 2!!
You’ll get a mix of a few different types of workouts within Turn Up the Heat, including HIIT, yoga, mobility, total body strength training, a little boxing and of course meditations. The program is progressive, so workouts will get more challenging every week. We’re all about building strength, power, and confidence with this program!
You will need light, medium, and heavy dumbbells, hip bands, a yoga strap, a stick (broomstick, pvc pipe, or similar) , light and medium kettlebells, towel, resistance band and a yoga mat for this program! However, if you don’t have some (or any) of these tools, you can easily tackle each workout with just your bodyweight or by grabbing some household items!
Turn Up the Heat officially kicks off on June 3rd, so join in on that day so we can do this TOGETHER! If you can’t start that day, you can easily sign up at any time—just find it under the Fitness Programs in your Tone It Up app! Also make sure to join the TIU accountability group on Facebook! We got this!
Yes! Get ready to add some new favorites to your summer recipe playlist! We know June is when we start hitting beach parties and backyard barbeques and want simplicity with our meals. With our meal plan, you’ll make delicious breakfasts, cool tasty snacks, hearty salads, and tray bakes. We also have tons of amazing meal ideas that help you meet your health and fitness goals! Simply check out the nutrition section of your Tone It Up app!
The Turn Up the Heat program is our NEWEST program with ALL NEW workouts. Our amazing trainers will lead you through a variety of modalities and bring the heat and energy to keep you motivated. This program is energetic, exciting and FUN!
For all the soon-to-be moms out there, we love the Tone It Up Pregnancy workouts, designed specifically for you! You can follow along throughout your pregnancy for safe workouts that make you feel great. Check them out in your Tone It Up app!