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Tone It Up Clean Eating Meal Plan

Choose from our simple, clean eating meal plans designed exclusively for our Tone It Up Tribe to help you become the fittest, healthiest, and happiest version of you.

With tons of plans to choose from, you’ll have access to hundreds of wholesome, clean recipes, meal-by-meal guides and grocery lists, easy and effective meal prep tips, and more. Plus, we’ve included science-based guidelines to help you lose and control your weight, support lean muscle growth, and provide you with the nutrients needed to support an active lifestyle to feel your absolute best! 

Meal Plans for Women by Women – Here’s Why You Need One

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt any of the following:

  • Want to, but are unsure of how to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle and stick to it long-term
  • Could use a little extra help staying on track with fitness and eating goals
  • Want to absolutely kill it in that wedding (or bridesmaid) dress this year
  • Need to hit the restart button on eating healthy and exercising regularly
  • Could use some new and exciting diet and fitness inspiration
  • Simply don’t have the time to plan out healthy meals

 If you answered, “that’s me!” to any of the above statements, then a Tone It Up clean eating meal plan is totally right for you. We’ve done all the heavy lifting with this one and put together comprehensive meal plan guides to give you everything you need to reach the next level in your health and fitness goals.  

Benefits of Clean Eating Meal Plans

You can officially stop stressing about what to eat! Each TIU clean eating meal plan outlines tons of tasty and nourishing recipes, so you can pick and choose what you want, when you want. Hate grocery shopping because you’re never sure what to buy? We’ve got your back! Not only will you find delicious, new recipes (some featured directly from you, our #TIUteam), but we also include meal-by-meal guides, grocery lists, and tips specifically on meal prep for women with grab ‘n go options!


What Our TIU Community Says:

We absolutely love our meal plans and are happy so many of you do, too! Here are just a few of the reasons why our TIU team loves our delicious and simple meal plans so much: 


  • “How flexible the meal plans are when life gets hectic”
  • “Never felt better physically or mentally”
  • “This plan is a real guide for introducing you to a new lifestyle”
  • “It encouraged me to step out of my boring nutrition comfort zone”
  • “Recipes are so simple, yet packed with flavor”
  • “The Tone It Up Nutrition Plan is 100% the source of my success and it’s super easy to stick to”
  • “Love all the options and new recipes and how the weekly meal plan is on the app!”

Complement Your Clean Eating Meal Plan with Tone It Up Protein Powders and Bars

 Incorporate TIU protein powder, collagen, pre-workout, or bars & bites for a tasty and convenient addition to your daily meal plan. Show us how you’re using our vegan protein powder and other goodies to live your best fit life on Instagram @ToneItUpNutrition.


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