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Tone It Up January Challenge 2023 Box N Burn Trainers Dalia Dani Shadow boxing strength training new year new you Tone It Up January Challenge 2023 Box N Burn Trainers Dalia Dani Shadow boxing strength training new year new you

Meet Your Trainers!

Your Box & Burn Trainers Dani & Dalia will be there with you every step of the way.

Dalia's focus is strength, cardio, shadowboxing, and core-focused workouts. With fiery energy and the ability to make you feel connected, this fit pro will leave you finishing every workout feeling fearless!

Dani is all about HIIT-focused strength workouts, shadowboxing, core, and cardio. Dani will challenge you to dig deep, keep a positive mindset, and continue to challenge and push yourself each workout!
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Tone It Up January Challenge 2023 Box & Burn Meal Plan Recipe Preview Tone It Up January Challenge 2023 Box & Burn Meal Plan Recipe Preview

Explore Your New Recipe Guide!

In the spirit of the new year, we’re switching things up for this recipe book! Our passion is giving you the tools you need to customize YOUR perfect plan.

We invited six incredible nutritionists to create new recipes for this community. Each nutritionist has her own unique approach, focus, and expertise:

  • Britt (@holisticbrittnutrition): Foods for stress relief
  • Chloe (@eunoiawellness_): Nutrition to balance your hormones
  • Megan (@healthygrocerygirl): Family-friendly meals
  • Madison Miranda (@madisonmiranda7): Plant-based recipes
  • Sara (@saracammo.nutrition): Pre- and post-pregnancy nutrition
  • Mallory(@nutritionbymallory) : Balanced eating for busy women

      We're so excited for you to meet all of them and try some amazing new Tone It Up Recipes!
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Exciting New Workouts!

With the Box & Burn Program you'll receive 16 new workout videos featuring Dani & Dalia including these great routines!
Boxing Basics
Boxing Basics

Learn all the fundamentals that will serve as the building blocks for your routines throughout the program!

HIIT Upper Body Burner
HIIT Upper Body Burner

Tone & strengthen your arms while getting an amazing cardio workout with Dalia!

Combos & Defense
Combos & Defense

Focus on pairing your new skills into combos while you bob & weave through defensive postures.

All Out Strength
All Out Strength

Push yourself to be as strong as you can be with the full body strength building workout.

Box & Burn Bundles!

Everything you need to Know

Box ‘n Burn is our first ever four-week Shadowboxing program that includes punching techniques, total body strength, core, and cardio-driven workouts! Each week, you’ll perform 12 Shadowboxing specific workouts, 8 strength/HIIT sessions, 2 core-focused workouts, 2 jump rope, and the option for 2 meditations and stretching sessions. All Shadow Boxing workouts will be performed bodyweight and Strength/HIIT workouts are mainly dumbbell based. The goal is to continue to build confidence in your punches with grace and technique and for your HIIT workouts, you’ll be building a solid foundation of strength.
Sign up for Box ‘n Burn in your Tone It Up app! If you need to download the app, check it out right here. You can also join our January Challenge, which will involve following along with this amazing NEW program!
Yes, you need an app subscription to access Box ‘n Burn, which you’ll find in our featured programs!
Box ‘n Burn is designed to last four full weeks! But you can make it your own, stacking shorter sessions when you want to and skipping a day whenever you need it. Listen to your body!
This entire program focuses on Shadowboxing. You can expect shadowboxing specific workouts, strength/HIIT sessions, core-focused workouts, jump rope, and the option for meditations and stretching sessions. A good mix for the new year!
This program calls for bodyweight and light to medium dumbbells.
Box ‘n Burn officially kicks off on January 16th, so open your app and join in on the fun! If you can’t start that day, join in whenever is convenient for you! Find it in the Fitness Programs in your Tone It Up app!
Enter your email on this page for all the info and sign up for the program right in your Tone It Up app!!
Find healthy meal and snack recipes to pair with this program right in your Tone It Up app! We will be providing you with some delicious new recipes perfect for the new year! We also have tons of amazing meal ideas that help you meet your goals and that pack in good-for-you nutrition! Simply check out the nutrition section of your Tone It Up app!
Box ‘n Burn is an ALL NEW program and we cannot wait for you to try it! It will push and challenge you both mentally and physically as you learn the bread and butter of the 6 punches of shadowboxing, footwork fundamentals, jabs, defense, and combos! Strength training, conditioning, core, and active recovery will have you feeling well-balanced and FIERCE throughout these workouts! You also have two amazing trainers Dalia and Dani to push you to be your best in this program.