5 Reasons Your Beautiful Body Needs Protein

By Katrina Scott on

We’ve been talking a lot about what’s NEW at TIU! Pssst...if you haven’t seen, we have some brand new products and a refreshed look that we’re so proud of and excited about! (Read all about it here!) One thing that hasn’t changed...all of our powders, snacks, and shakes are packed with protein (and some have even MORE protein than before!). 

Making products for women by women, it’s always been essential for us to include and highlight protein. That’s because it’s a powerhouse nutrient — especially for us as active women looking to feel our strongest and healthiest. 

As a ‘lil refresher, we’re breaking down 5 of the biggest protein perks, plus the best TIU approved sources! 

The Perks of Protein 


1. Boosts your metabolism

Protein requires more energy to digest, metabolize, and use compared to carbs and fat. This creates a thermic effect in your body, which means you burn energy just by digesting protein. This process can actually burn up to 30 percent of the calories you take in. Plus, after forming lean muscle with the combination of workouts and protein, your body requires even more energy to maintain that muscle, which revs your metabolism!


2. Forms lean muscles

When you hit your TIU workouts, your muscle fibers break down. Your body needs protein's amino acids to synthesize new cells, which repair the damaged fibers and help form new, lean muscle. Research shows that post-workout protein can enhance gains in muscle strength and even your aerobic power! Aim to eat a protein-packed meal or snack, like a protein smoothie or pancake, within 30 minutes of your workout. 


3. Keeps you satisfied between meals

Studies show that adding protein to your meals can lower levels of ghrelin, aka the “hunger hormone,” which sends signals to your brain to stimulate appetite. Protein also boosts levels of the hormone peptide YY, which boosts your satiety. 


4. Keeps your energy steady

Pairing protein with a healthy balance of fat and carbs will keep your blood sugar levels steady, which prevents energy spikes and crashes. Translation: You’ll be feeling balanced and energized all day long!


5. Gets you glowing 

Amino acids in protein, such as L-lysine, can promote hair growth and give you gorgeous, flowing locks. Protein also helps keep your skin fab and glowing! 


6. Where to Get It 

  • Tone It Up Protein Powders  ~ Each scoop delivers 15 grams of clean, plant-based protein
  • Tone It Up Protein Bars ~ They have 10 grams of clean protein per bar
  • Tone It Up Protein Shakes ~ Now with MORE protein! Your new shakes have 15 grams per serving
  • Lean proteins like grilled chicken, turkey, fish, and grass-fed beef
  • Eggs and egg whites ~ we love scrambles and egg muffins
  • Plant-based proteins like quinoa, chia, hemp, legumes, tofu, and amaranth 

    Ready to pick up your protein? The NEW TIU protein products are rolling out at H-E-B and Target to pick up in store, order online and pick up curbside, or order online and have them shipped right to your door. Looking for a store near you? We have a store locator here!

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