Q&A About Your New TIU

By Durlan Vega on

Have you seen your brand new Tone It Up nutrition line?! Since we made the big announcement, we’ve been blown away by the response from this community! Seeing you girls pick up your new goodies makes us so incredibly happy and proud! (If you haven’t seen them in your local stores yet, keep an eye out...they’re rolling out soon!) 

We’ve been seeing your questions about the new line, so we wanted to break everything down and answer all your questions about the new look and products. Read on below to get all the details! 

We're so grateful to be on this incredible journey with all of you! Thank you for your love and support! Kind of amazing....Tone It Up is a female-founded and operated nutrition line of protein products made just for women by women. This is huge, and we thank you for supporting female-founded companies and communities! 

Katrina, Karena, and your Tone It Up HQ!

What was your inspiration behind the refresh? 

YOU! Our mission is to constantly create and innovate to give you what you need to live your healthiest, happiest life. We’ve all grown and evolved so much as women and as a community — especially recently. This felt like the perfect time to refresh our look and feel! We want Tone It Up to truly represent the strong, sophisticated, unique, and vibrant woman that you are.

Our inspiration was: 

  1. Elegant, elevated and undeniably feminine aesthetic
  2. Countertop-worthy design blends seamlessly into your self-care routine
  3. Thoughtfully created for women, by women
  4. Attainable, accessible & for you!
  5. Embodies the vibrance & beauty of the Tone It Up Community

What’s different about the new products? 

It’s the same amazing quality you know and love — just taken to the next level!

  • Protein Powder: The delicious taste, ingredients, and nutrition are all the same. It just has a brand new look ~ inspired by a color palette from our favorite photos of Manhattan Beach where Tone It Up is headquartered!
  • Protein Bars: Amazing taste and texture… your new and improved bars are the perfect treat! They now contain allulose, a natural sugar that gives you amazing flavor and sweetness while reducing the net sugar content. They’re also more decadent and flavorful!
  • On-The-Go-Protein Shakes: We made so many incredible updates to your shakes. They’re all new and majorly upleveled! They taste better than ever and have more nutrients to help you crush your goals. They have less sugar, fat, and calories and MORE protein (15 grams of clean, plant-based protein per serving). Plus, they’ve been upgraded from an 8 0z to an 11 oz package, so you get even more value. And as always, they’re ready to sip for instant fueling so they make the perfect on-the-go energizing snack.

Tell me about the brand new cookies!

You’re going to love them! They’re delicious, soft, and chewy. A few more things to love: 

  • They deliver 10 grams of clean, plant-based protein per cookie
  • They’re Dairy-free and non-GMO
  • They’re Whey-free! Ever notice you get bloated with products that contain whey? It’s a bi-product of cheese production. Whey sneaks into a lot of protein products out there… but not ours. We steer clear so you feel amazing all day long.
  • They contain zero sugar alcohols- This is a HUGE bonus. A lot of products out there contain sugar alcohols, but they can cause gastrointestinal upset and they’re not natural.
  • They come in three amazing flavors ~ Classic Chocolate Chip, Lemon Blondie, and Snickerdoodle!

Where can I get the new products? 

They’re starting to roll out at your local stores! They will be available at H-E-B and Target to pick up in store, order online and pick up curbside, or order online and have them shipped right to your door. Lots of options to make it easy! Looking for a store near you? We have a store locator here! Also, you’ll be hearing from us in your inbox for when everything is available in your Tone It Up Shop!

Are the old products still available? 

It’s time to make room for your brand new goodies, so items in the current packaging will no longer be available soon. 

Are the nutrition facts different? 

  • Protein Powders: The nutrition is exactly the same!
  • Protein Bars: They now have less sugar!
  • Protein Shakes: They now have fewer calories, sugar, and fat and more protein!

The bars taste a little sweeter — why? 

As we mentioned before, the bars now more decadent and contain allulose, which gives you an amazing sweet flavor but actually lowers the net sugar content. 

Why are some of the old products missing? 

Coconut and Matcha Protein are no longer available, but we always want to hear from you about what you need. We’re constantly refreshing, so let us know what you want to see next.


Are all the products clean? 

YES of course! As always, all your TIU products are made with the cleanest ingredients. They’re gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO, and plant-based (with the exception of marine collagen). Only the best for you and the TIU Team!

Do you use natural flavors? 

Yes, all the flavors are natural — even your Birthday Cake bars 🎂 We have to label it “artificial” because we didn't mash cake into a powder, haha, but it’s made with natural ingredients like plant-based pea protein and gluten-free rolled oats. We always choose the highest quality ingredients with the flavors you love! 

A couple of the products now have allergens they didn’t have before — why the addition?  

We didn’t actually add any allergens! New allergen regulations go into effect in 2022, which require us to call out sesame as an allergen. It’s always been in a couple products, like your protein bars, so now we’re just calling it out as an extra precaution for your safety. 

What is chicory root fiber and why is it in the products? 

The chicory root fiber in Tone It Up products is actually the inulin derived from chicory root, so it is safe. However, chicory root products that contain the leaves that are used in tea, coffee, and supplements are not recommended in high doses during pregnancy. Tone It Up does not use this type. The inulin is safe for women who are pregnant. Of course, always check with your doctor before consuming anything during pregnancy since every woman and pregnancy is unique.

Are any more products being added? What can we look forward to?

YES! We’re always innovating and we’re looking into more wellness products for you! Tons of surprises coming your way! 

We can’t wait to see you with your New TIU— make sure you take pics and share with us #TIUteam, #TONEITUPxHEB, #TONEITUPxTARGET!

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Vivian Zuluaga

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Would ℒℴѵℯ to see the coconut protein and the orange cream collagen.

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