Tone It Up 6:40 Pregnancy-Safe Modifications

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Hey mama! First off, congratulations! I’m so honored to be on this journey with you. Once your doctor has given you the go-ahead to exercise, the top program I always recommend to expecting mamas is Tone It Up Pregnancy. You can find it in your Tone It Up App along with an entire Pregnancy on demand section curated just for you! And if you want to check out the new Tone It Up 6:40 workouts in the On Demand Section, you can do that too with just a few modifications noted below. 

My biggest tip: Remember to always listen to your body — now more than ever, since it’s changing daily! And always follow your doc’s guidelines too. Generally speaking, once you’ve hit the second trimester, it’s recommended to avoid exercise that involves lying flat on your back, which can cause dizziness. You’ll also want to avoid super high-intensity workouts, moves with twisting or risk or falling, and anything your body wasn’t used to doing prior to pregnancy. Here are a few more tips and modifications I shared when I was pregnant with Bella.

Can’t wait to see you in the TIU app for whichever program feels right for you!! I’ll be doing #TIU640 as part of the Summer Challenge, and keeping an eye out for all your #TIUpregnancy checkins! 




Whenever there's a move-based day in 6:40, I recommend a pregnancy workout instead! 

Tone It Up 6:40 Pregnancy Modifications


6:40 Strong

Not only is this routine prenatal safe, it'll build strength where you need it most during pregnancy, including the entire posterior chain with deadlifts, squats, and rows. 

Suggested modifications: 

  • Single Leg Squat — Balancing moves can be trickier with a bump, so use a chair for balance or opt for both legs on solid ground!
  • Reclined Leg Lifts — After the first trimester, you can swap these for bird dogs to avoid putting undue stress on the abdominals. 

6:40 Booty

Two simple pregnancy modifications and that cute booty is off to the races! 

  • Plank Toe Touches / Plank Leg Lifts — After the first trimester, modify by placing hands on a bench or sturdy elevated surface. 
  • Glute Bridge + Abduction — After he first trimester, modify by elevating your shoulder blades onto a bench or some pillows. 

6:40 Arms

Grab those dumbbells — this one's 100% prenatal-friendly. Bring on those strong mama arms! 

  • Cross-Body Curl — Once that bump gets in the way, you can opt for basic bicep curls or hammer curls.

6:40 Meta Yoga Sculpt

Expecting mamas will love this sculpting flow! Be sure to listen to your body, modify as needed, and be careful not to overstretch. Suggested modifications once you've reached your second trimester: 

  • Skip chaturanga and meet in down dog. 
  • Skip plank knee to elbow / knee to wrist. 
  • Skip last 3 ab/bridge moves once you've reached 2nd trimester.
  • Complete final stretches from a seated position vs on your back. 
  • Take savasana lying on your side. 



6:40 Power

Mamas-in-training will get all the benefits from these functional strength moves, including deadlifts and overhead presses. 

Suggested modifications: 

  • Single Leg Deadlifts — Kickstand the non-working leg for extra stability. 
  • Lying hamstring curls — Come to all fours and perform single leg hamstring curls. instead. Add a dumbbell behind the knee to progress but bodyweight only will burn too! 
  • Glute Bridge & Single Leg Glute Bridge — After the first trimester you can modify by elevating your upper back onto a bench or sofa. Bodyweight might be plenty with your growing bump! 
  • Bridge Tricep Extensions — Swap for overhead tricep extensions or bodyweight bench dips. 
  • Plyometric push-ups — Opt for a modified push-up instead. We love incline push-ups placing our hands on a bench. 

6:40 Cardio 

Pregnancy modifications will vary quite a bit based on your fitness level, comfort, and what your workouts looked like prior to getting pregnant. 

  • Booty Kicks — If jumping no longer feels good, modify with a squat + alternating leg curl. 
  • Plank Leg Raises — after the first trimester, you can come to all fours and opt for alternating booty kickbacks. 
  • Jump Squat — Opt for a basic squat, or come up onto your toes at top to fire up those calf muscles too 
  • Kneeling Cross-Body Punches — Take out the lean if this causes any strain.
  • V Sit — Come into a reverse plank with hands on a bench and do one knee drive at a time.

6:40 Stretch

  • Chair Pose + Twist — Skip the twist 
  • Flip Your Dog — Skip it if it causes any discomfort 
  • Lying on back stretches — Perform from a seated position after 1st trimester 
  • Savasana — Take savasana lying on your side 



6:40 Booty + Abs 

  • V Sit Crunch — Come into a reverse plank with hands on a bench (or come up to standing) and do one knee drive at a time.
  • Single Leg Glute Bridges — After the first trimester, modify by elevating your shoulder blades on a bench and feel free to keep both feet on the ground for extra stability.
  • Bicycles — Swap for standing oblique crunches.
  • Lying Leg Switches — Skip these for a quick water break! 
  • Boat Pose Single Leg Crunch — Sub for bird dogs  

6:40 Meta Morning Abs

If you’re feeling strong, you can go for this routine during your first trimester. After that, we recommend checking out the prenatal section of your Tone It Up App for pregnancy-safe routines! 


Are you in?! YES! Join me for Tone It Up 6:40 HERE to get started!



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