Karena's Morning Routine

By Katrina Scott on


My days are never the same, and they usually get crazy with meetings, photoshoots, and other commitments. But the mornings are my time to prioritize myself and focus on starting my day right. I always set aside time for my physical and emotional health. My Booty Call is essential, of course, but I also take a few minutes to meditate, journal, and reflect. That way, I feel strong and prepared to handle anything that comes my way for the rest of the day!

Today, I’m sharing my full morning routine with you. I try to stick to this every day. Of course some days, things don’t go quite as planned. We all have those mornings where you just can’t get out of bed or nothing is going your way! But I’d encourage you to take time for yourself in the morning. You deserve it! And when you put yourself first, you are able to be a better boss, coworker, partner, and friend all day long.


Rise and shine

I usually wake up at about 6 am every day. I hit the snooze button once! ;)


Coffee and reflection

I go up to my living room while Bobby is still in bed — he knows not to come in during my me time! I light candles and my fireplace and listen to soothing music on Pandora while I sip my coffee. After mediating for a few minutes, I spend some time journaling or reading a few lines from an inspirational or spiritual book. I like to revisit my old favorites like The Four Agreements. The principles (be impeccable with your word, don’t take anything personally, don’t make assumptions, and always do your best) always help center me. This is a moment just to myself where I can reflect and set my intentions for the day. It can be 10 minutes on a hectic weekday morning or an hour on a lazy Saturday. When I feel ready, I let the rest of the world back in. Then, it’s time to check my email and see what the #TIUteam is up to on Instagram!



Booty Call

Obviously no day starts without a sweat sesh! I keep my dumbbells, Tone It Up yoga matbooty bands, and sliders at home and I do my Daily Moves right in my living room. Skunk cheers me on!


Smoothie time

I usually whip up a green smoothie with Tone It Up Protein to help my muscles recover after the moves. I love the Coconut Kale Beauty Smoothie from ToneItUp.com!



Skin protection

I always apply moisturizer and sunscreen before I leave the house. COOLA is my go-to! I’ll put it on in the morning and then keep a mini tube in my sports bra while I go for a run or to reapply after hot yoga. Now, I’m ready to face the day!






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