Booty Poppin’ Dance Cardio Moves

By Katrina Scott on

Try this fun dance cardio workout to tone your booty and raise your heart rate and metabolism.

Hey babe! We were thinking...crushing the Summer Series calls for celebration! So for your Booty Call this Tuesday, we’re teaming up with Studio Tone It Up trainer Tori for a booty poppin’ dance party! In your Studio Tone It Up app today, join us for your Dance Cardio Booty Pop workout! 💃 Tori’s your girl for all things barre, cardio, and dance. Fun fact: she’s a former NBA dancer, so you know she’s got your back...and booty on the dance floor! The complete 20-minute dance cardio routine has a little bit of everything: metabolism-boosting cardio moves, booty toning squats, and yes, Tori breaks down how to booty pop! If you’ve been doing the same moves since high school (yeahhh us too. does the robot count as a move? haha), now’s the time to learn a few more tricks ~ and break a sweat doing it! Check out a sneak peek of our fave moves below. Can't wait to see you in the studio! xxo, K&K

4 Booty Poppin’ Cardio Dance Moves

Do each move for 30 seconds, stringing them together into a dance cardio routine. Repeat 5 times for a 10-minute dance party! Get after the whole 20-minute routine in your Tone It Up app! This dance cardio booty kick move will tone your glutes and boost your metabolism.

Booty Kick

First, let’s warm it up! This move will get your heart rate up, fire up your legs, and open up that chest with a POP! Tone up your total body with this quick dance cardio exercise workout.

Jump Twist

This one’s all in the hips and core! Squeeze your abs as you twist your lower bod like a corkscrew for this metabolism-revving cardio move.   Tone your abs and glutes with this dance cardio move.

Step Kick

Step, kick, then walk it out! The key to finding power: kick out through your heel as you punch. Feelin’ sassy? Throw that head too! This fun booty pop workout move will raise your heart rate and tone your booty.

Booty Pop

Last but not least, the BOOTY POP! Each time you punch your arm across and back, drop your booty down then up. Think of it like a mini squat ~ with a lil' something extra 😉 🍑

The Tone It Up App will help you achieve your fitness and workout goals. Strengthen and tone your butt, abs, back, legs and total body.


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