4 Ways To Get Festival Ready Fast

By Katrina Scott on
Hey hot stuff! Festival season is almost here!! Any concerts or festivals lined up? With Coachella (our fave!), Stagecoach, and summer concerts comin' up fast, it's time to break out those daisy dukes, crop tops, and booties! We’re giving you our best advice to feel confident and glowing all weekend long! Follow these tips leading up to your big event or anytime you want to feel SO strong and gorgeous. See you in the desert 🌵☀️ K&K

The Best Festival Prep Tips

Detox Your Bod

We love to do a healthy detox before a big event. Leading up to the festival or celebration, we recommend upping your water intake to at least 90 oz. a day (especially water with lemon), cutting out any processed or high-sodium foods, nixing alcohol (just for a few days, don't worry!), and loading up on antioxidant-packed and detoxifying meals. We lay out exactly what to do in our free 5 Day Detox Program! It includes a meal-by-meal guide, daily do's and don'ts, and science-backed tips to cleanse your body. Get the plan here!

Add An Ab Burner

Get abs-olutely sculpted! Add a short ab finisher to your usual workout three times a week to really feel the burn and light up your core! 🔥 Try the Plank Challenge with Chyna, Gorgeous Core with Kat, and 12 Minute Abs with Stef ~ you can find them all in the "Abs" On Demand section of your Tone It Up app. Plus, you'll find tons more toning and metabolism-boosting workouts to get super fit for the festival!

Get a Beauty Boost

If you haven't started using collagen in your daily routine yet, now is the perfect time! The amino acids in Tone It Up Marine Collagen are essential for supporting radiant skin, gorgeous hair, and strong nails. You'll be feeling glowing and gorg at the festival! Scoop some into your morning smoothie or coffee or bake it up in treats to take with you.

Pack Your Protein

If you’re like us, you need snacks ready at all times, so make sure you bring your own to the festival! Buying food there can be pricey, take FOREVER, and not always make you feel your best. We love to pack our Tone It Up Protein Bars and Bites, Tone It Up Protein Shakes, trail mix, dried fruit, and lots of extra water! Have the best time babe! Get access to hundreds of sculpting, toning, and metabolism-boosting workouts with the Tone It Up app.3 Ways To Get Festival Ready Fast - - , ; - Feel fit, confident, & glowing this festival season! - Nutrition Tips - Recipes - coachella - coachella body - coachella prep - coachella tips - coachella workout - festival - festival body - festival tips - get festival ready - get ready for coachella - it - karena - karena dawn - katrina - katrina scott - music festival - stagecoach - TIU - tone - Tone It Up - up

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