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Tone It Up 5 Day Detox

If we haven't met before, we're Karena and Katrina, your trainers at Tone It Up! We're so excited you're here! 
If you've been part of the #TIUcommunity...we're so happy you're doing the 5 Day Detox with us! This is the perfect way to refresh and renew whenever you feel like you need a little reset! You can always return to this program!

You deserve to feel like the beautiful, strong, brilliant, and confident girl that you are! This is going to be your year to shine and feel joy and happiness every day! 

Your FREE 5 Day Detox includes...

 Meal-by-Meal Guide 
Yup! We tell you exactly what to eat for every meal for the 5 days! That way there's no guesswork. Plus it's going to be easier for you! 

Foods that help your body detox and de-bloat 
We're sharing all of the superfoods your body craves to bounce back and feel light, fresh, and energetic

 Top tricks to cleanse the body to reboot

 NEW Recipes including Detox Desserts! 

 Full workout plan for the week 

 Restorative Yoga Video with Karena 

 Total Body Toning Detox workout with Katrina

 Tips to detox our minds and let go of what no longer serves us!  

 Motivation to have your BEST YEAR EVER! 


Check out these beautiful Detox Transformations ~

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