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The Ultimate Jump Rope Workout With Chyna

The Ultimate Jump Rope Workout With Chyna

Jumpstart your cardio routine with this quick 10-minute jump rope workout from Tone It Up trainer Chyna! Jumping rope is one of our favorite ways to boost our heart rate, rev our metabolism, and improve our coordination and balance! Did we mention it tones your calves and abs like crazy too?! 

That’s why we tapped kickboxing babe Chyna, who knows all the secrets to making the jump rope an effective part of your weekly routine. Chyna recommends it as a warm-up to your TIU app workout, or as a cardio finisher. And, on days where you only have a few minutes to work out, consider this your new go-to! PS check out your new "Express" On Demand app channel too for 40+ workouts, all 10 minutes or less.

So grab your Tone It Up jump rope at Target or and hop in! 

The Ultimate Jump Rope Workout 


For this workout all you’ll need is your TIU jump rope! Do the 5 jump rope variations for 30 seconds each. That's round 1! Rest 1 minute, then repeat for 3 rounds.

New to jumping rope? Yes, it's totally normal to feel a major burn in your calves, thighs, or even your forearms! Take 15 seconds of rest in between exercises if you need it, and then jump back in! You got this babe! 

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