Ultimate Toning Ropes Workout With Stef

By Katrina Scott on

Your trainer Stef is showin’ you the ropes! In this quick and effective toning ropes workout you’ll learn 7 moves to boost your cardiovascular endurance, strengthen your total body, and train like an athlete right at home! Are you in?! Grab your toning ropes HERE and at Target stores nationwide. Then check out the Tone It Up App for your complete 22-minute Toning Ropes Blast workout with Stef!  

The Ultimate Toning Ropes Workout

Tone It Up Toning Ropes: 7 Moves To Try Now

Do the following 7 toning ropes exercises, 30 seconds per move. Rest 1 minute and repeat the entire circuit for a total of 3 rounds. 

Double Waves 

Benefits: Cardio and total body toning

Stef’s form tip: Remember this is a total body move — make sure you put your legs into while stabilizing with your upper body and core. 

Do 30 seconds. 

Alternating Waves 

Benefits: Cardio, legs, arms, and core

Stef’s form tip: Palms can face down toward the ground or in toward each other — choose whichever feels most comfortable to you! The key: power and stability! 

Do 30 seconds. 

Lateral Shuffle Waves  

Benefits: Cardio and total body toning 

Stef’s form tip: Sink those hips low and back and stay there the whole time to maximize your lower body burnout. 

Do 30 seconds. 

Tone It Up Toning Ropes Workout - High To Low Waves

High-to-Low Waves   

Benefits: Cardio, legs, arms, and core

Stef’s form tip: Changing levels gets your heart rate sky-high. Move your toning ropes with intention to get the most out of this dynamic move. 

Do 30 seconds.  

Unilateral Waves  

Benefits: Core strength and stability

Stef’s form tip: Make sure your spine is tall, elbow is tucked, and core is engaged. This move is all about activating your transverse abdominis, the deep abdominals responsible for supporting your spine and cinching your waistline. 

Do 30 seconds each side. 

Tone It Up Toning Ropes Workout - Reverse Fly Stef

Reverse Fly  

Benefits: Back and shoulders 

Stef’s form tip: Maintain a soft bend in the elbows, neutral spine, and strong core for this exercise. When performed correctly, you’ll not only tone your upper back and rear delts, you’ll improve your posture as well. 

Do 30 seconds. 

Cross-Body Curl  

Benefits: Biceps 

Stef’s form tip: Start with a basic bicep curl, then progress to a cross-body variation for added resistance. Need more? Take an extra step back from your anchor to up the challenge. 

Do 30 seconds. 

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