5 Head-to-Toe Sculpting Moves from TIU4YOU Week 1

By Katrina Scott on

It’s week one of your TIU4YOU program and this is a workout line-up like you’ve never seen before! Haven’t joined us yet? You’re right on time to join this transformative 4-week fitness challenge ~ get started HERE

Starting this week, your favorite TIU trainers ~ including a new face or two ~ are bringing the heat for an amazing mix of routines. From empowering strength supersets to booty-kicking cardio kickboxing combos, we’ve got all the moves you need for optimal results! To get you ready to sweat, we’re calling out our favorite exercises in each workout this week! Check ‘em out, steal your trainers’ top form tips, and learn why these moves do your body good!

Oh and don’t forget to checkin with all your sweaty selfies with the hashtag #TIU4YOU, and invite a girlfriend (or 10!) to join you. Let’s do this babe! 

Haven’t signed up yet? Join us for TIU4YOU HERE! We all start together on October 5th! 


5 Head-to-Toe Sculpting Moves from TIU4YOU

TIU4You Strong Booty + Thighs Workout With Yami Mufdi

Monday: Booty

The move: Staggered Stance Deadlift

The workout: Strong Booty + Thighs with Yami

How to: Start standing with feet hip-width apart, one dumbbell in each hand, down by your sides. Step your left foot back slightly, and place toes on the ground, heel up like a kickstand. Keeping your weight in the right foot, hinge at the hips, sending butt back. Maintain a slight bend in the right knee and back flat as weights lower toward the floor. Once your torso is about parallel to the floor, drive through your right foot and engage your glutes to come up to standing. Repeat.

Yami’s form tip: Keep your spine straight the entire time, with your chin tucked to maintain the integrity of the neck and spine. Breathe through the movement by inhaling on the way down and exhaling up!

Why you’ll love it: You work the hamstrings and glutes to the max with this move, as well as your core. Besides boosting strength in the back of the legs, you also improve your balance by working one leg at a time!

TIU4You Home Gym Hiit Workout With Ariel Tone It Up

Tuesday: HIIT

The move: Star Jump Twists

The workout: Home Gym HIIT with Ariel

How to: Start standing with feet about hip-width apart. Lower hips down and back into a shallow squat. Then explode up, jumping feet wide and bringing arms out and overhead to form an X or star jump. Hop feet back to hip-width, pull arms in toward chest, and lower hips down and back to repeat the squat. Explode back up, this time twisting hips to the right, shoulders stay forward. Jump feet back to hip-width, hips returning forward, and lower back down into a squat. Repeat the star jump, then the twist, this time turning to the left. Continue alternating twists with the star jump. 

Ari’s form tip: Stretch your arms high and wide during the star and get low through the squat so you have the power to explode up!

Why you’ll love it: First, this move is just FUN! Second, it gets the heart rate up, while working the arms, legs, and core. It also makes you move in the transverse plane ~ aka in rotation ~ which helps to improve core strength and stability, coordination, and power!

TIU4You Vibe 'N Flow Workout With Chevy Tone It Up

Wednesday: Yoga

The move: Chair Pose + Heels Up

The workout: Vibe ‘N Flow with Chevy

How to: Start standing with feet together. Send hips down and back into chair pose. Lift arms overhead as you lift heels off the floor. Slowly lower heels back down as you bring your arms down and slightly behind hips. Continue holding chair pose as you bring your arms back up and overhead, lifting heels again. Repeat. 

Chevy’s form tip: Reach your booty back to sit an inch lower as you pull your belly button in toward your spine to engage your core! And don’t forget to breathe ~ inhale as you reach your arms up and exhale as you lower them back down. 

Why you’ll love it: You’ll feel the burn in the thighs and calves, while gaining mobility in the shoulders and stability through the core. 

TIU4You Boxer Babe Workout With Chyna Tone It Up

Thursday: Kickboxing 

The move: Side Kick + Punch + Burpee

The workout: Boxer Babe with Chyna

How to: Start standing with feet hip-width apart, fists up in a boxer stance. Shift weight to your left foot as you lift your right leg, drive the knee up, and kick your right foot out to the right side. Place your foot back down, pivot on the left foot, rotate hips to right, and punch your left arm across the body, to the right side. Rotate back to front, bringing left fist back to chest. Then, place hands on the ground and hop feet back to a plank. Next, jump your feet back up toward your hands, and explode up, reaching arms overhead. Land softly, bringing fists back to chest height. Repeat, then switch sides.

Chyna’s form tip: Use your obliques to drive the knee up for the side kick! Slow down the burpee if you need to ~ it’s more about hitting a strong plank. That means one straight line with your body! 

Why you’ll love it: Talk about a total-body, heart-pumping, metabolism-revving move! This one does it all: It works your muscles from head to toe and challenges your cardio ~ all while making the work feel fun and energizing!

TIU4You Next Level Arms Workout With Katrina Scott Tone It Up

Friday: Arms 

The move: Single Arm Row to Press

The workout: Next Level Arms with Kat

How to: Start in a lunge position, right foot forward, with knee bent about 90 degrees and left leg back, leg straight. Holding a dumbbell in your left hand, hinge forward at hips. Pull weight up to your rib cage for a row, keeping elbow tucked close to your side. Then, stack hips and shoulders and stand taller as you drop your elbow down and bring the weight to your shoulder. Next, press it overhead, bicep by ear, palm facing away from you. Lower the weight back to shoulder, rotate hips and shoulders back toward right leg and straighten arm back down toward the floor. Repeat, then switch sides.

Kat’s form tip: This is a complex, multi-joint movement, so remember to go at your own pace. If you need to drop down to a lighter weight to maintain good form, go for it — this is your workout! 

Why you’ll love it: With this move, you’ll gain better posture and enhanced core stability, not to mention functional (aka everyday) strength! 

Ready to feel fit, confident, and strong?! Join us for TIU4YOU for 4 weeks of incredible workouts, nutritious recipes, and daily motivation!


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