Workout Sneak Peek ~ 9 Reasons to Join Us for TIU4YOU

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New season, new goals! We created TIU4YOU to give you all the workouts, motivation, and support you need to feel fit for fall. Give us 4 weeks, and we’ll give you a program that will transform your total body, connect your mind and body, and provide the accountability you need to get real results. 

And did we mention more training styles than ever before so you stay inspired and never get bored?! By popular demand, you’ll get all new running and indoor cycling workouts — plus more of what you love, from kickboxing to HIIT, barre to strength. Incredible new trainers, new equipment, and delicious recipes are all right at your fingertips, too. So check out a few of our favorite highlights waiting for you. And remember to make this program your own — after all, this is TIU-4-YOU

Haven’t signed up yet? Join us for TIU4YOU HERE! We all start together on October 5th! 


Workout Sneak Peek ~ 9 Reasons to Join Us for TIU4YOU

Stef Run Squat Flex Running Workout TIU4YOU

You’ll make a run for it with Stef 

All new for TIU4YOU, two heart rate-revving running workouts with our resident roadrunner Stef. Whether you’re a running newbie or a seasoned athlete, Stef’s interval-based routines will bring the heat to your weekly workout schedule. Be sure to show us your sweaty selfies — whether you’re on the road, on the trails, or on a treadmill! #TIUteam 

Yami Power Arms + Abs Workout TIU4YOU

You’ll boost your strength with Yami

Your newest strength coach, Yami, is all about lifting heavy, moving daily, and sweating it out with a smile. (Read all about the #TIUHouston babe here!) Check out her TIU4YOU sneak peek of Power Arms + Abs in your TIU App now. And mark your calendar for October 5th — Yami’s getting your booty in gear right on day one!

Chevy Yoga Workout TIU4You

You’ll get a twerkout with Ari

Yep, you read that right! Grab your booty band and hold on tight because you haven’t seen moves like these before! Think: twerking jumping jacks and shuffles with attitude. Keep a close eye on week 2 for this all new Hip Hop-inspired werk-out with Ari! 

Kristina Indoor Cycling Workout TIU4You

You’ll ride to the beat with Kristina 

Got an indoor bike? Opt for your cardio on two wheels with Kristina! By now you’ve probably hit a jab-cross combo with this strong mama...but what you may not know? Kristina’s first love is cycling, and she’s got three of her favorite rides waiting for you On Demand in your new Indoor Cycling channel!

Chevy Yoga Workout TIU4YOU

You’ll bend and sculpt with Chevy 

Yes, your girl is back! We knew it wouldn’t be a party without this yoga sculpt queen on the mat. So you’ll get not one, but two, all new Chevy yoga routines to tone your total bod and reignite that fire within. 

Tori Long Lean Legs Ankle Weight Workout TIU4You

You’ll throw it back with Tori

Old school aerobics, booty-sculpting barre, plus some classic cardio sculpt? Tori’s mixin’ up all your favorites, leveled up with your new TIU ankle weights! Don’t be fooled by her cute smile — these are some of the hardest workouts she’s ever filmed for you!  

Chyna Boxer Babe Workout TIU4You

You’ll crush new kickboxing combos with Chyna 

...including a boxer burpee sequence that will prove you’re capable of anything! Get in fighter stance and get ready for all new moves. Chyna’s your girl for confidence-boosting combos, metabolism-revving HIIT, and all-day abs. 

Karena Meditation

You’ll connect mind + body with Karena 

Karena may be road-trippin’ this fall, but that doesn’t mean you can’t come along for the ride! Join her in the TIU App for weekly meditations — and keep your eye on the schedule for live sessions to connect with self, nature, and your TIU community. <3 

Kat Next Level Arms TIU4You

You’ll spend your Flex Fridays with Kat 

TIU Strength isn’t the only place to get your muscle-boosting fix. For TIU4YOU, Kat’s got some heavy weights and a few new tricks up her sleeve. Prepare to take your strength to the next level babe! 

 Ready to feel fit, confident, and strong?! Join us for TIU4YOU for 4 weeks of incredible workouts, nutritious recipes, and daily motivation — we all start on October 5th!


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