The Secret To Burning Calories All Day Long

By Katrina Scott on


Have you ever noticed that warm glow you get after doing a TIU workout? Or that it's tough pulling on your jeans because you're still burnin' up? The struggle is REAL! And there's an important reason why this happens. Certain workouts, like any of our Tone It Up videos, cause you to have an "after burn" effect that torches calories way after you've finished your sweat sesh. So you're actually burning calories while you're sitting at your desk at work. Talk about multitasking! It's all due to this thing called EPOC. This lil' wonder effect keeps your metabolism high and gives you that beautiful glow all day. Today, we're sharing all the deets on EPOC!


But first, what is EPOC?

EPOC is short for excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. It sounds like a big term, but it's actually a pretty simple idea. Your body uses oxygen to create the energy to power your workout. When you're working harder, your body requires more oxygen because you're using more energy. Your lungs can't keep up with the amount of oxygen required, so your bod uses other ways to make energy in the meantime.

After the workout has ended, your body is in an oxygen "debt." It requires extra energy to restore itself to its pre-exercise state. This is where you get the after burn and blast extra calories even at rest! Here are the most effective ways to experience EPOC:

High Intensity Interval Training

This is one of our favorites for an amazing after burn. HIIT raises your heart rate and makes your lungs work harder, which maximizes your toning and metabolism-boosting results.

Try our 9-Minute Total Body Tabata workout HERE! Busy-Babe-Ab-Workout-Tone-It-Up

Toning + Weighted Workouts

Toning and weighted routines might not be the first thing you think of for high intensity exercise. But go through one of our toning routines and you'll notice you're breathing harder and your muscles are burnin'! That's the EPOC talkin'!

Try out our Quick Arm routine HERE!

Sprint-Intervals-Katrina-EPOC-Burn-Calories-All-Day-Tone-It-UpSprint Intervals

Sprinting is a great way to bring your heart rate up really high and take advantage of that after burn effect. You can incorporate quick bursts into your normal running routine or add in hills to bump up the intensity. Either way, you'll be experiencing some major EPOC perks.

Try our Get Lit With HIIT routine HERE!


We always say that abs are made with your Tone It Up workouts (like the ones above!), and REVEALED with your Tone It Up Nutrition Plan! Join HERE for thousands of delish recipes and science-backed info to help you achieve your fitness goals!



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