Slide 'N Sculpt ~ Total Body Slider Workout!

By Katrina Scott on

Morning beautiful! I can't wait for you to try today's Slide 'N Sculpt workout! And invite your girls to join because this one is SO much fun with a friend slidin' by your side! When I saw Stef and Chyna ~ two of your amazing Studio Tone It Up trainers and the cutest BFFs ever ~ filming this routine, I turned to Karena and said, "We have to do this together!" And now it's one of our favorites!

This amazing total-body routine will have you sliding, gliding, and sculpting with the addition of sliders, two discs that add a serious stability challenge (helllloo ab work)! Don’t have your own sliders? Grab a pair from the Tone It Up boutique, or get creative and use a couple sweat towels. Sliders are amazing because they’re easy to stash at your home, office, or dorm room, take with you when you're traveling, and they're easy on your joints.

Plus, you can use ‘em to tone your upper body, lower body, and core with just a few simple moves! Join us TODAY for the complete 15-minute workout in your Studio Tone It Up app. And for a preview of Stef and Chyna’s fave slider moves, scroll below!  

Grab your girls and sliiiide right into this sculpting routine!! See you in class babe!



Slide ‘N Sculpt ~ Total Body Slider Workout

Do the following circuit once through for a quick total-body toning session in less than 10 minutes! And be sure to try the complete routine in your Studio Tone It Up app for ALLL the sliding ‘n sculpting moves.

Plank Slide Out

Sculpts your entire upper body and core.

Begin in a plank position with a slider under each hand. Keeping your hips square and abs engaged, slide your right hand forward a couple inches, then back to start position. Repeat on the other side.

Do 10 reps on each side.

Slider Lateral Push-Up

Tones your entire upper body and core.

Start in a push-up position with a slider under each hand. Engaging your core with hips square to the ground, slide your right hand a few inches to the right and complete a wide arm push-up. Slide right hand back to start position, then repeat on the left side.

To modify, drop to your knees and perform the same move detailed above.

Do 8-10 reps on each side.

Slider Lateral Lunge

Sculpts your legs and booty.

Start standing with feet hip-width apart and a slider under your right foot. Lower into an athletic stance with a flat back and booty back. Keeping your left foot planted, slide your right foot out to the right until it’s fully extended (avoid locking out the knee), then slide it back to start position.

Do 15 reps on each side.

Slider Ab Burnout

Tones your abs and shoulders.

Begin in a plank position with your hands on the ground and a slider under each foot. Maintaining a straight line from head to toe, engage your core and slide your right foot in toward your chest. Slide your left foot to meet the right. Then slide your right foot back to start position, followed by your left.

Do 10 reps on each side.  

Slider V Pulse

Sculpts your entire waistline.

Begin seated on the ground with knees bent, feet together, and a slider placed in between your toes. Place your hands on the ground behind you, elbows bent, and lean your upper body back to about 45 degrees. Lift your feet about six inches off the ground. Pulse your knees in toward the right side of your chest, then toward the left.

Do 15 reps on each side.

Anyone else feeling like this?! 😂 Share your checkins using the hashtag #TIUteam! We'll be lookin' out for ya!

Want more amazing total-body workouts to Tone It Up?! Join the Studio Tone It Up app and get hundreds of sculpting routines to rev your metabolism and tone your beautiful muscles from head to toe. We can’t wait to work out with you babe!


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