New To Running? 5 Mindset Shifts To Get Started

By Katrina Scott on
The #TIUteam hit the ground running this week with your brand new 5K Training Plan in the TIU app! It’s a beginner friendly program from your amazing trainer Stef that includes running, recovery routines, and cross-training. We’re all working toward a virtual #TIU5K the weekend of March 27 - 28th. 
If you’re thinking, “this program isn’t for me. I’m not a runner,” first, we want you to know this program is for EVERYONE who wants to try it. It can be customized for all fitness levels — whether you’re a regular runner or you’ve never even tried it.
For me, I used to run triathlons but haven’t run regularly in years. I recommitted myself to running just last week and I’m only a few days into it, so I’m right there with you! Kat coined the term “slog” (slow jog haha), and that’s about where I’m at right now. 
It’s definitely been a mental hurdle for me to get back into running. Sometimes your brain wants to give up long before your muscles do, and sometimes it tells you not to even start! That’s why changing your mindset is KEY — it’s the first step in the race!
These five mindset shifts will be game changers for you in this program. They’ll help you feel more confident and powerful as you hit the pavement!




Change your definition 

You don’t have to run marathons (or even 5Ks) to “be a runner.” If you lace up your sneakers and go for a run or a walk, voila, you’re a runner!

Turn your weaknesses into opportunities 

If running isn’t your favorite thing or you feel like you’re “bad” at it, think of it as an opportunity to master something new. When you started with any TIU workout (whether it was weight training, or HIIT, or yoga), you were new to that, too. The fun part is sticking with it and seeing how you improve over time. Remember how amazing it feels to hit a new goal?! It will feel that way with running, too! 

Ditch the pressure 

We’re all starting from different places, so there is absolutely no pressure. If you need to slow things down and walk more, go for it. If you need more recovery days, do you babe. This is all about going at YOUR pace!

Have fun with it 

If you’re running outside, try exploring a new neighborhood. Make a fun new running playlist, listen to an audio book, or catch up on your favorite podcasts. You can make a new playlist for each week of the program if you feel like switching it up. It will make the time go by so fast!

Know you’re not alone 

Running is usually pretty solitary, and it’s great to have time with yourself without distractions. But just know that you’re never alone. You have a whole team of amazing women running right alongside you — even if it’s virtually! Keep checking in with us all month long with the hashtag #TIU5K and check out the hashtag daily for inspo!
Start your TIU5K program by downloading the Tone It Up App. You’ll get access to all your week-by-week training guides, follow-along workouts, nutritious recipes, and so much more!

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