Reached Your Fitness Goal? Here’s How To Maintain Your Amazing Results!

By Katrina Scott on

We view food and fitness as a form of self love. When you give your body the nourishing foods and exercise it craves, it'll give you back beautiful skin, shiny hair, strong nails, increased energy, and a lean bod. While following the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan and Daily Workout, you're getting all of these perks. But what do you do once you've reached your fit goals? Well first, pat yourself on the booty, girl! Take a moment to congratulate yourself for all your hard work and dedication. You earned it! And remember that this is a lifestyle; just because you've reached your goal doesn't mean you're finished. We created this lifestyle to work for you every day, for every situation. With just a few easy tweaks, you can continue to live your TIU approved life while maintaining your incredible results!



Sweat it out

By following the Weekly Schedule and Daily Workout, you're toning your body from head to toe and getting all the health perks associated with an active lifestyle. We're talkin' decreased risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, and more energy. Sticking to a workout routine is still super important for your health, so as long as you're not experiencing any injuries, we recommend continuing to follow the Weekly Schedule and Daily Workout. If you're losing weight and want to maintain instead, take a peek at the next section.


Lean, clean, 'n green

If you're following the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan, then you're eating tons of lean, clean, 'n green meals that are making your bod super happy. Ingredients like kale, Brussels sprouts, salmon, and quinoa keep your skin bright, hair shiny, and energy levels high. Plus, these foods naturally bring you to a healthy weight. If you're not looking to lose or gain weight, follow the same lean, clean, 'n green TIU approved principles, but start adding in one additional healthy element a day. For example, if you usually make a breakfast scramble, try adding in 1/4 avocado. Not a fan of avos? Try sprinkling 1/4 cup almonds on top of your salad or adding 2 hard boiled eggs to your lunch. Start with one small, healthy addition. If you find that you're still losing weight after a few weeks, add one more healthy element to one of your meals.


Listen to your body

Your body is unique. There is nobody else who has your environment, your body, your mind, your life. Listen to your body; it knows what's up! This is where being truly mindful is really important. The more you can take note of how you're feeling and what you need, the better you can tailor your situation to optimize your health. Take a few minutes every morning and every night to do a quick body scan. Start at your toes and work your way up. Ask yourself questions like these: "Do I have any soreness? "Am I hungry or just bored?" "How am I feeling today?" It's remarkable what you can learn about yourself from just listening to your body. And feel free to adjust your approach based off of what you find! If you're finding that you don't need more food, don't add more! If you're super hungry, take a look back at the "Lean, clean, 'n green" section for some tips!


Want even more info on how to keep your bod in tip-top shape?! Join the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan! It's packed with science-backed information on what to eat and when to help you reach your fitness goals!


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