Do These 3 Things Before Your Workout For The Best Results

By Katrina Scott on

We recently shared three things to do right after your workout to maximize your fitness results (if ya missed it, check it out here). Then we started hearing from you girls, “So what do I do BEFORE my workout?” We got you!

Today, we’re sharing three super simple things to do before your sweat sesh to boost your energy, mobility, and motivation so you get the most out of your workout. Let’s do this 💪

Warm Up

Dedicating just a few minutes to warming up your body is SO important pre-workout! A warm-up will help prevent injury by improving joint flexibility and raising muscle temperature, which helps your muscles contract and relax. A warm-up also increases your overall body temperature, wakes up your cardiovascular system, and starts to raise your heart rate so your body isn’t shocked when you jump into high intensity moves. 

We recommend a combination of dynamic stretching (arm circles, walking lunges, plank walkouts), light cardio (jumping jacks, high knees), and bodyweight moves to warm up the part of the body you’ll be working (squats, push-ups). Your TIU app workouts all incorporate warm-ups and you can always add on your own if you’re feeling it!

Hydrate...With A Boost 

Yes, you should be hydrating both before AND after your workout! When you’re dehydrated during a workout, your body can’t perform at its best — you’ll feel tired, your cardiovascular system will be working harder than it needs to, and your body may overheat. So make sure you drink up, buttercup!

We also like to add TIU Energy to our water pre-workout for an extra boost!

Be Your Own Hype Girl 

A positive mindset will take your workout to the next level! Before you get into it, take just a minute or two to pump yourself up. Tell yourself, “I’m strong and I’ve got this!” or “I’m going to do that extra rep or pick up that heavier weight today.” This can be in your head or out loud ~ we’re all usually in our living rooms working out these days so why not talk to yourself?! Positive self talk is SO powerful and it makes all the difference!

Now get after your workout girl!

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