Our Summer Travel Essentials

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Summer Travel Essentials From Karena And Katrina Of Tone It Up

Hey gorgeous! How's your summer going so far? Have any vacays planned?! Kat and I have been traveling a lot this summer, and we both have more trips planned in August. It has been amazing experiencing new places and going on adventures! With all the travel, we've been making sure to keep up with our goals and take care of ourselves on the road, in the air, wherever we are. A few of you have asked us what we pack, so we're sharing our summer travel essentials. What are yours? Tell us in the comments! Safe travels babe! ✈️ xxo, Karena  

Booty Bands

Booty Bands are so easy to pack for traveling and perfect for workouts in your hotel room! We have more than 45 booty workouts in the Tone It Up app and a lot them use this little band!


I make my hotel rooms feel more homey by lighting candles and setting up a mini diffuser. I also bring mini bottles of my fave essential oils.

Protein Bars and Cookies

The best plane and road trip snacks! They're packed with protein to keep you energized and satisfied on the go. Plus, they're clean, gluten-free, plant-based and non-GMO. Grab them here!


Through all of my travels, I pretty much pack at least 5 books for each trip...even though maybe I get through one! It makes my luggage heavy, but I like options! I can switch from a spiritual read to a memoir to fiction easily. This summer, I've been reading The Healing Self, Stories That Stick, Fast Girl, and Don't Just Sit There!

Water Bottle

It's so important to keep sipping on water ~ especially since flying can dehydrate you. H20 keeps your metabolism revving, your energy levels up, and your skin looking fab. Kat and I always pack a reusable TIU water bottle in our carryon so we can refill it anytime, plus it cuts down on plastic bottles.

What are your travel essentials?! 

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