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Tone It Up Pilates Sculpt and Glow Program

It’s time for a fresh new four-week workout program for our fall challenge, ladies! And I have the perfect type of training on deck: Pilates! Pilates is all about helping you move better, feel stronger, and create that glow that comes from a healthy and happy you! 

I’m SO excited to bring you this month-long program, with workouts created and led by yours truly. You have 30 workouts to tackle in 4 weeks and I know you can do it! As a certified Pilates instructor and TIU trainer, I can’t wait to take you through each of these routines—and get you to the finish line of the fall challenge feeling strong, sculpted, and glowing!

You’ll gain so much over the course of this program, from stronger, leaner muscles to improved mobility and posture to confidence in your body and your fitness! Let’s get moving to the mat!



Tone It Up Pilates Sculpt and Glow Program with Amber Flowers Fitness Workout Routines

What to Expect from Pilates Sculpt + Glow

Over four weeks, you’ll perform 30 Pilates workouts! That might sound like a lot, but it’s a perfect blend of longer sessions that target your entire body, challenging classes that kick up your cardio, and shorter sessions that focus on specific body parts. 

Each week, you’ll tackle two cardio-focused routines, two full-body workouts, and then a mix of those muscle-specific sequences. No matter what type of workout you do, you’ll always perform traditional Pilates exercises, along with a creative mix of moves that challenge you and work your muscles in new ways. (Seriously, you’ll feel sore in places you didn’t even know you could target! And you’ll love it!)

Throughout the program, as you hit big muscle groups, along with smaller stabilizers, you’ll gain strength, balance, better posture, and tone! And of course, because it’s Pilates, you’ll get next-level core work!

The best part about the program: You can easily tailor it to your schedule. While you’ll find a workout for every day of the week, if you don’t have time one day, you can easily stack those shorter sessions onto days when you do have more time to squeeze in a sweat! It’s all about doing what works for you and makes you feel your BEST! 

The goal for the challenge: hit those 30 workouts in 4 weeks, but do it in a way that works for you, girl!!


Tone It Up Pilates Sculpt and Glow Program with Amber Flowers Fitness Workout Routines

Your Pilates Sculpt + Glow Trainer: Amber Flowers

With more than 700 hours of teaching and training in Pilates, I know how to help you nail your form and conquer each of these workouts with enthusiasm! I’m also the founder of Spiced Pilates and a former NBA dancer who infuses cardio and dance into my rhythm-based Pilates workouts. It’s such a fun combination, and I hope it means you’ll enjoy every single sweat we share!

Know that I’ll offer form tips and motivation throughout each workout, and through each week of the program, so you stay excited to keep working through that burn! We’ve got pulses, reps, and jumps to tackle, and I’m ready to be your coach through every single step!


Tone It Up Pilates Sculpt and Glow Program with Amber Flowers Fitness Workout Routines

Find Your Glow With Us!

At the end of this four-week Pilates Sculpt + Glow program and your TIU fall challenge, we want you to feel your absolute best! All the work you put into each routine will pay off in strength, both physically and mentally, so you glow from the inside out!

Pilates not only challenges your body, but it also encourages a present mindset that helps you focus and work through each pose! So pay attention to your breathing—and engage that core—through every single move! When you can, try to work a little faster during your cardio sessions, move a little slower during strength routines, and don’t give up on yourself through those super challenging moments!

Make sure you also share your progress throughout the program using #TIUPilates & #TIUFallChallenge! I CANNOT WAIT to see you on the mat! The TIU community is all in this TOGETHER!


Amber Flowers


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