How I lost 20 pounds & changed my LIFE!

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Motivation Monday ~ Ariana's Success Story

Are you ready for an amazing week!? You will be after reading this incredible interview with Tone It Up girl, Ariana! 

This beautiful TIU girl knows exactly how to balance her healthy lifestyle while still enjoying her favorite treats. We're so inspired by her transformation and we are thrilled to hear she just got engaged! Keep reading for all of her amazing tips and a HUGE dose of motivation... Tone-It-Up-Nutrition-Plan-Review-Success-ariana 

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Ariana and my life has always been very adventurous. I love traveling and a good challenge. I'm a packaging engineer in the cosmetic industry and just moved from New Jersey to Dallas to be closer to my fiance! We met 2 years ago in Turks and Caicos!

How much time passed between your before and after pics?

My before picture was takes two years ago at the beginning of the summer. I've always struggled with food. My family knew me as the garbage disposal...I was such an athlete that I thought I could burn it all off. After college, that wasn't the case anymore, and real athletes don't treat their bodies with diets full of ice cream and bagels! It's taken a really long time to listen to all the advice I've been reading about for years. I have lost 20 lbs since then and countless inches. I was a size 8, now I'm a 4. Neve give up, your journey will take time! I wish I had listened back then and stopped eating all the foods that made me sick. Without the Nutrition Plan, I wouldn't be such a ray of sunshine!

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What was your biggest inspiration to make a change in your life?

The move to Texas was really hard! I didn't know anyone. My boyfriend still lives 6 hours away, and so I had to learn to cook for myself! I needed a community, a place to call home, and friends who enjoyed the same things I did. I was tired of having acne, not fitting into my clothes, and I knew if I was going to make new friends I first needed to feel confident in my own skin. So, I decided my health would be the #1 priority in my life.


What goals did you set for yourself in order to make a change?

The Tone It Up BIKINI SERIES was extremely helpful to set goals. Since I'm so competitive, I wanted to break the 150 miles by summer challenge. I completed over 200 miles! Each week, you have to keep yourself accountable, and remember that every small change yields large results! An easy goal to start with, I added something green to each meal. The following week I added more cardio. It's so important to go slow and have a vision for your journey or you will be overwhelmed and give up. It's the sum of your choices that makes a radiant person. Goals are the key to loving life! tone-it-up-nutrition-plan-review-success-story

How did you keep yourself motivated to keep going?

I really wanted to inspire my family to get healthy. They are my biggest fans, but sometimes they think I'm a little crazy with my fitness goals! So I kept surrounding myself with positive people who loved the things I did. The Community really gave me what I needed to keep going. When you start inspiring others, you don't want to let them down either! I guess I just want my closest friends and family to be as happy as I am, and I'm a firm believer that you set an example with your actions. Posting my recipes or my workouts keeps me just as accountable as everyone else! How can you expect anyone to want what you have if you're not a consistent picture of hard work and healthy choices? I want my family to look at me and say 'If she can do, I know I can do it!'

How did you overcome setbacks along the way?

Between a devastating breakup, the loss of a dozen friends who were once my support system, and family struggles, there were times that I wanted to focus on other things, and help everyone else. But the biggest thing you can do for your family is to be a constant example of positivity. It took a long time for me to find a job in Texas, and then I was finally able to get connected to a great group of girls! I dove right in, making sure that I had a new support system if I was feeling helpless or tired. My journey would not have been possible without my #tiusisters!

How has following the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan contributed to your success?

The Nutrition Plan is organized and fun! It offers variety, and tells you exactly when to eat the right things for your body! A huge problem for me used to eating things my body didn't really like....sometimes I couldn't sleep because I ate the wrong things. The balance that the Plan has brought is everything I wanted. My skin is clearer than ever, and I feel much better. But I did, of course, have plenty of slip-ups. I'm so grateful that the program reminds us how to get back on track, and also enjoy the things we love once and a while.

What are you doing now to keep up with your healthy lifestyle?

I'm going to continue to follow the Tone it Up Plan for life ~ eating the right things at the right times is going to help me keep up with my kids (someday  ;)! I always tell my friends that each day adds up, so even if you only have 20 minutes to be active, that makes 140 minutes per week. I take it day by day, and set goals each morning. I never feel guilty for indulging once in a while because what I do 85% of the time keeps me right on track.

What are some of your favorite healthy foods and snacks?

I always have a protein smoothie for breakfast. It curbs my cravings like no other. I love chocolate, so that's my go-to flavor. I always keep a piece of fruit on hand, as well as protein bars or nuts ~ these are such great alternatives to cookies and candy.

How do you treat yourself while staying on track?

I enjoy wine, so I'll have one or two glasses a week....but that's a big reason for my success. I think the healthier you start to cook, the healthier your treats Greek yogurt with fresh frozen strawberries and agave pulsed in the blender. Top that on protein pancakes? That's a treat to me! I choose the healthier version of a 'cheat meal' as often as possible. It's second nature now.

What is your workout routine like?

I never ever do the same thing every day. I have been a runner since college, so I try to make sure to run 2-3 times per week. Another day, I will mix cardio into the toning routines with a jump rope and some Burpees or my favorite HIIT workout. I'm guilty of killing my girlfriends with ab workouts whenever they ask me to workout with them. Seriously, how could you ever get bored? Did I mention I don't need a gym? Take the Tone It Up App with you! There's no shortage of ideas.

What is your favorite TIU workout?

That's impossible! The routines are so wonderful because they are made to keep our bodies guessing and I have always been a firm believe in that! I love the interval workouts but the full body routine like BIKINI BODY, help me keep strong muscles and a tight core while I'm running or biking. The Daisy Dukes and Crop Top workouts are on the top of that list too.

What advice would you give someone who needs motivation and encouragement to get healthier?

What is your WHY? Think about how much you love yourself and your family, and what it is that's really driving you to want this change. Without a strong desire to chase your dreams, we can easily lose track of why we are pursuing this path in the first place. You are capable of anything, big or small. I say, stop trying to prepare for a healthy life, and dive in!

What's the most surprising thing you've learned about yourself during this journey?

The most surprising thing I have learned about myself is my confidence! I always been strong willed, but now I see that overcoming personal struggles and becoming a positive ray of sunshine really is possible. I'm embracing my passions, things I never knew I really knew I loved, like fashion! I created the hashtag #tiustyle for girls to share our fun outfits and accessories on IG and Twitter! Feeling confident makes shopping fun again.

The team wants to connect with you! Where can we find you?

On Twitter @fitgirlmechanic and on Instagram @fitgirlmechanic

Thank you so much Ariana!!! You inspire us EVERY DAY!! Congrats again on your engagement :) Sending lots of love and blessings to you and Hunter.  xxxxo K&K

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Start living the healthy, happy, energetic life you’re meant to be living! Join the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan today & become a Tone It Up MEMBER!!


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