How To Make Your Meals More Mindful

By Katrina Scott on

This week we’ve been talking all about mindfulness — in your workouts, meditation practice, and your everyday habits. You can also practice mindfulness at mealtimes by making a few simple mindset shifts. 

By eating more intentionally you can improve your digestion, feel more satisfied, boost your mood, and simply enjoy your meals more! Try these three easy tips to bring your mindfulness practice to every meal. 

Power down 

How many times do you squeeze in lunch mindlessly while working or answering emails? How about having dinner while watching TV or scrolling IG? We all do it! These days, we’ve been eating a lot of salads during Zoom calls 🤣  But when we do this, we’re not really enjoying or appreciating our meal. This makes us eat faster, feel less less satisfied, and get hungry again sooner.  

Think of your meals as an opportunity to unplug — even for just 30 minutes. Try having breakfast before you start your workday, take even just a quick lunch break to step away from your computer, and make dinner a time to disconnect from your phone and reconnect to yourself or your family. It’s best if you can eat at a table, instead of your desk or couch. Make mealtimes even more special by putting some flowers on the table or pouring yourself a glass of kombucha or sparkling water in a wine glass!


Take it slow 

It’s so easy to rush through your meals, but give yourself permission to slow down and savor every single bite! This will help with your digestion and make you feel more satisfied, so you’re not tempted to reach for a snack right after your meal. Bonus tip: It’s fun to eat certain meals with chopsticks and that forces you to slow down. 


Give thanks

Take a minute to express gratitude for your nourishing meal and your beautiful body. This could be expressing it out loud with your family at mealtimes or reciting a mantra to yourself like, “I am nourishing my body with this meal” or “I eat because I love my body.” Remember, each healthy meal is an act of self-care, so give yourself appreciation for showing your body love! 

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