The Best Meditations for Your Mind, Body, and Mood

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If you’re anything like us, you welcomed the year with an open heart, an open mind, and a commitment to being a bit more mindful in your day to day. The beauty of mindfulness is that it can be unique to YOU — connecting with nature, being more present with your friends and family, or taking five minutes out of your day for a mindful meditation. And that’s why we made it the theme of this week’s TIU2021 challenge. We can all add a little more mindfulness to our routine!

In the Tone It Up App, you’ll find 30+ quick and beginner-friendly meditations, no matter what you’re seeking. Led by Karena Dawn, each meditation has a distinct focus, from self-love to inner strength to boosting your mood. So find a quiet place and simply press play. You’re just five minutes away from a more connected you.  

“Inhale love, exhale love... 

Inhale gratitude, exhale gratitude...” 

— Karena Dawn


5 Meditations for Your Mind, Body, and Mood

If you’re new to meditation, start simple and release any expectations or judgment. If your thoughts keep flowing in, that’s OK — let them flow in and flow out as you bring awareness back to your meditation. Allow the experience to just be. After you practice for a while, it will start to feel more natural and you will feel the benefits. Ready to get started? Here are five of the TIU Community’s top meditations in your Tone It Up App!


Self-Love Quickie Meditation 

Take six minutes for yourself to rekindle feelings of self-love and gratitude. Come back to this guided meditation anytime you seek stillness, self-appreciation, and a reason to smile. 

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Moving Meditation + Stretch

Start your day with serenity. In this 13-minute moving meditation, you’ll connect body and mind as you pair deep breathing with a sequence of feel-good stretches. 

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Meditation: Self-Care for the Soul 

Say yes to what serves your soul. This meditation, featured in the Toned Body, Toned Mind program, will ground you in the present with warmth, gratitude, and self-love. 

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Meditation: Focus + Self-Love 

Join Karena as she guides you through a 10-minute meditation to help you feel centered, focused, and self-assured. This one’s perfect as a daily practice, or for anyone new to meditation. 

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Meditation: Pre-Workout Motivation 

Get in the mindset to move! Led by Karena, you’ll hone your mind-body connection as you connect with your why in this quick, motivation-focused session. 

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Join the Tone It Up App for access to 30+ meditations on demand, as well as Karena’s Toned Body, Toned Mind program — 4 weeks of yoga, meditation, and self-care to leave you feeling strong, powerful, and balanced.  

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Clarissa Puig

Aug 07 22

How about a need to sleep meditation? Please? Love your work!!!

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