Wellness Wednesday: How To Cope With Postpartum Depression & Baby Blues ~ Coffee Chat With Boss Mom Chriselle Lim

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Katrina Scott, Karena Dawn, and Chriselle Lim talk about how to cope with post baby blues.

Hey beautiful! Today we have our girlfriend, fashion and beauty expert, and mom of two Chriselle Lim back with us to talk about an important topic that touches so many of us — baby blues and postpartum depression. Whether it’s individually, a family member, or a girlfriend, we should all be more open about it so we can help each other.

A lot of women in the community have messaged me on Instagram asking how to cope with postpartum depression, anxieties as a new mom, and mental health during motherhood. And the reality is, I’m learning too and this is all new to me. It’s so common to have the baby blues, especially navigating a whole new lifestyle, and I want you to know that you’re not alone! As a new mom, there are high expectations to breastfeed, have energy all hours of the night, to know exactly what to do, and to “bounce back” right away. We chat about all these topics in the video below.

What emotions did you feel when you first had your baby? One night when Bella was finally asleep, I just cried myself to sleep because I was beyond exhausted, my boobs hurt so much, my head was pounding, I was still healing and trying to stay ahead of the pain, Brian was sleep deprived too, visitors hadn’t stopped, and we hadn’t really soaked in time just us with our daughter. I just wanted to make sure I was doing everything right in this new role. Just when I thought I was alone in how I felt, the next night we were finally alone with Bella (no nurses coming in every hour at the hospital, no visitors at our house — just us for the very first time) and I looked over and Brian had tears running down his face. He was so overwhelmed with happiness and just all the emotions hit him — fear, exhaustion, a love stronger than he ever knew before, and the reality of being a father. Here are a couple pics from that night. 💛 I realized it’s important to check with our partners too because they go through so much with us!

In the video I also talk about how I cried when I got back from my first walk with Bella — I felt so overwhelmed with this new life. Getting out of the house was no longer a 6-minute out-the-door routine...it was a 40 minute or more ordeal. Your independence quickly turns into dependence with this little human that you love more than your whole life and you almost don’t even want to leave the house with them — you want to keep them within the safe walls of your home. You are forever part of someone and they are forever part of you. As I walked down the street I thought people were staring at me pushing the stroller. Did I look funny? Was I walking weird because I was in pain still? Did they know I was new to all of this? When I got home, I walked through the front door and I just sat down with her in my arms and cried, overwhelmed with love, fear, and anxiety of the unknown.

Anyway, I hope me sharing my story helps you as you navigate motherhood too. The amazing thing is ~ even with all these emotions, you ARE the best mama in the world to your baby. When things get tough, you’ll know exactly what to do — it’s in you. You were made for this. I promise that you are the most beautiful mama and your baby will gaze at you like you’re superwoman...because you are! I’d love if you also shared below — you never know if someone needs to hear your story.

And remember that if you’re feeling sad and think you may need help, you’re never alone in this journey. Reach out to your family, express it to your partner, and seek help from a professional. None of it is your fault — hormones can do crazy things! You can also visit Postpartum Support International to find resources near you. Love you so much mama, Kat 


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