The Best Superset Workout for Booty & Abs

By Katrina Scott on
Bombshell Booty Abs Workout - Love Your Body Congrats babe! You’re on Week 2 of your Love Your Body series and you’re absolutely crushing it! And ohhhh do we have something special for you today!! Today in your Tone It Up app, Karena and I are leading you through Bombshell Booty + Abs ~ one of our fave new workouts of the series! With the craziness of the holidays and new year, it’s been a while since I worked my booty like this. Trust me ~ you will feel the burn! Plus, you’ll sculpt your entire core ~ obliques and back included. Icing on the cake: we knock all the moves out using supersets, alternating between two exercises without rest, which is the perfect way to save time, boost strength, and feel super accomplished! Try a little sneak peak of the superset workout below, featuring a few of our fave back-to-back booty and ab moves. And make sure you check out the full 20-minute routine in your Tone It Up app! Can’t wait to see your checkins #TIUloveyourbody! You got this!  xxo, Kat

Superset Workout for Bombshell Booty & Abs

Do the first superset, alternating between the deadlift and the crunch, for 2-3 rounds. Then, do the second superset for 2-3 rounds. Want more? The complete routine is waiting for you in your TIU app

Superset 1

Kickstand Deadlift - Best Superset Workout Booty Abs

Kickstand Deadlift

Sculpts your booty and legs! Begin standing with feet hip-width apart, holding a dumbbell in each hand. Step left foot back so toes line up with right heel. Keeping back flat and weights close to legs, hinge forward at the waist, lowering down until dumbbells reach below your knees. Then, press through right foot and squeeze your booty to come back up to stand. Repeat. Do 15 reps, then switch sides.  Oblique Crunch - Best Superset Workout Booty Abs

Oblique Crunch

Tones your obliques! Begin standing with feet slightly wider than hip-width apart, holding a dumbbell in your right hand. With right arm straight down at your side and left hand on your hip, side bend at the waist to the right, bringing the dumbbell to your knee. Squeeze left obliques to stand back up. Repeat. Do 15 reps, then switch sides. 

Superset 2

Glute Bridge - Best Superset Workout Booty Abs

Glute Bridge + Abduction

Sculpts your booty and thighs! Place a booty band above your knees. Begin lying on your back, knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Place a dumbbell on each hip and hold there with hands at the head of the dumbbell. Press through your feet to lift hips toward the ceiling. Hold here and press against the booty band to bring knees out to the sides. Then, bring knees back to hip-width apart and lower hips back down to the floor. Repeat. Do 15 reps.  Banded Bicycles - Best Superset Workout Booty Abs

Banded Bicycle Crunch

Tones your entire core and legs! Place a booty band above your knees. Begin lying on your back, hands behind your head and knees bent 90 degrees in a tabletop position with knees over hips. Extend right leg forward as you lift your head, neck, and shoulders and rotate your right shoulder toward left knee. Then, switch to re-bend right leg, extend left leg, and lift and rotate left shoulder to right knee. Continue alternating. Do 15 reps on each side.

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