The Best On-The-Go Snacks For Summer Travel

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Have any fun trips planned this summer?! As travel begins to open up, we want to make sure you’re prepared — and of course we mean with snacks. :) 

Food options at the airport and rest stops are usually highly processed, fried, and full of artificial sugars. That’s why we always pack our own TIU approved snacks! When Bobby and I road tripped last summer, we packed the RV with Tone It Up goodies and other healthy options. 

Here are some of our absolute favorite on-the-go bites that are easy, portable, and convenient. They deliver protein, healthy fats, and other nutrients to keep you energized, satisfied, and feeling your best on the road (or on the fly)! 

The Best On-The-Go Snacks For Summer Travel

Protein Bars

Tone It Up Protein Bars are so easy to stash in your purse or carry-on! They’re plant-based, gluten-free, non-GMO, and contain 10 grams of clean protein to keep you energized for your travels. We have them on hand every day, take them on all our shoots, and we even took them around the country on tour ~ they’re total lifesavers when you’re hungry and need a boost!


The Best On-The-Go Snacks For Summer Travel

Protein Cookies

For when you want a sweet treat on the road :) They’re soft, chewy, and delicious — all with 10 grams of protein. They’re also free of sugar alcohols, which are not natural and can be tough on your gut. This is huge because you want to feel your best when you’re traveling! Choose between chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, or lemon blondie — or try all 3 with the value set.


The Best On-The-Go Snacks For Summer Travel

Protein Shakes

These delicious shakes are ready to sip so you can take them anywhere! With 15 grams of protein, they’ll keep your energy up and your blood sugar steady. Like all of your TIU faves, they’re free of whey, a byproduct of dairy that can cause bloating. That’s the last thing you want on vacay!


Mini Muffins 

Whip up a batch of your favorite Tone It Up Protein muffins before your trip and pack them in a meal prep container. They keep really well! We can’t tell you how many times we’ve taken TIU muffins on a plane :) Find tons of delicious and easy muffin recipes in your TIU app 


Homemade Trail Mix

Mix ⅓ cup of your favorite nuts and dried fruit, 1 - 2 Tbsp. unsweetened coconut shavings, and a dash of cinnamon. The combo of the fruit’s natural sweetness and nuts’ healthy fats will keep your blood sugar levels steady so you won’t crash later. Portion it in individual baggies so you can pack it easily. 


Dried Fruit

Dried mangoes and strawberries are perfect for summer! Look for a variety with no added sugar and keep your portions to ¼ cup — the individual baggie trick is great for this too! 


Apples & Almond Butter

Slice up apples and put them in a small container with a squeeze of lemon juice to keep them fresh. Brands like Justin’s have cute portable packs of natural almond butter. 


Kale Chips

You can grab them at the store or bake ‘em at home before your trip. They’re SO easy!

  1. Chop or tear the kale into bite-sized pieces.
  2. Massage with a drizzle of olive oil.
  3. Add some sea salt and your favorite toppings! (We love nutritional yeast, turmeric, & red pepper flakes)
  4. Bake at 325 degrees for about 10 mins (or until crispy).

Grab your Tone It Up Protein, bars, cookies, and shakes at Target, H-E-B, Vitamin Shoppe, and Kroger (and Kroger affiliates including King Soopers, Fred Meyer, Mariano’s, Dillons, Smith’s, and Fry’s). You can find a store near you HERE! You can also stock up in the TIU Shop!

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