5 Benefits of Exercising With Ankle Weights

By Katrina Scott on

Ready to level up your workouts right at home? Meet the NEW Tone It Up ankle weights, one of our favorite ways to maximize your sculpting sesh. Simply strap your ankle weights to (you guessed it!) your ankles, and you’ll score a serious burn as you sculpt your legs, booty, and core. 

Need a few more reasons to throw it back, Jane Fonda-style? Here are 5 amazing benefits of adding ankle weights to your workouts. Then head straight to your Tone It Up App for the best at-home ankle weight workouts, including Next Level Booty with Katrina and Aerobics Sculpt with Tori! Find them On Demand or in your new TIU4YOU program. We can’t wait to see your checkins...and hear how just 2.5 lbs of resistance burns sooo good! 

5 Benefits of Working Out With Ankle Weights

Ankle Weights Exercises Squat + Leg Lift - Tone It Up Tori

1. They help strengthen your legs and booty.

Leg lifts, kickbacks, fire hydrants ~ all of these lower-body moves get an upgrade when you strap on some ankle weights. The extra resistance requires you to lift more weight throughout each movement, strengthening your quads, hamstrings, calves, and glutes. Plus, more resistance (especially when focusing on one leg at a time!) means your core has to fire up even more! So you gain a strong lower half and a stable center, all by adding ankle weights. 

Ankle Weights Exercises Leg Lift Katrina

2. You’ll turn up the intensity on your workout. 

Adding ankle weights to lower body exercises means you’ll kick up your heart rate even more than you would with bodyweight-only moves! That’s because each lift, step, and pulse becomes more challenging and requires more effort to complete with proper form. So don’t be surprised if you’re breathing heavy! You’ll get that heart rate revving and the sweat dripping in no time. 

Ankle Weights Exercises Skaters + Leg Lift Tori

3. You’ll build muscle and endurance.

Weight training is one of the best ways to build muscle and sculpt that cute booty! And ankle weights will help you do just that thanks to the added resistance. Even research backs this up — ankle weights have been shown to help increase lean muscle mass and reduce body fat percentage. And, by performing moves at higher reps, you’ll boost your muscular endurance, too. Translation: you can work out stronger for longer! 

Ankle Weights Exercises Squat + Leg Lift Tori

4. They boost your metabolic burn.

Because ankle weights crank up the intensity on your workout, they also get your metabolism working in overdrive. One small study on exercisers who wore ankle weights while running found that they increased their cardio fitness and burned more calories than those who didn’t have weight around their ankles.  

Ankle Weights Exercises Leg Lift - Tone It Up Katrina

5. Walks and runs will feel easier. 

With the advantages of stronger legs, a stable core, and a boost in endurance, you’ll also gain the ability to walk and run with ease! As soon as you take those ankle weights off, you’ll feel lighter and strolling around will feel like a breeze! All that hard work pays off, babe!

Ready to gain all these beautiful benefits? Check out the new ankle weight workouts in your Tone It Up App today ~ you’ll find them On Demand or in your TIU4YOU program! Get your own set of ankle weights HERE!

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