All Your TIU4YOU Questions, Answered!

By Katrina Scott on
TIU4YOU is almost here! 🎉 🍁 💪  This brand new 4-week fitness program in your TIU app has everything you need to feel fit for fall! 

This program was created with YOU in mind ~ it’s our most customizable program yet and it has more variety than ever before! It’s also designed to be done at home on your schedule, so you can make it work no matter what your life looks like right now. 

You’ll get a fresh start to feel inspired, supported, and empowered to reach your goals!

Sign up for the program TODAY in your TIU app and read on below to get all the details. We’ve answered every question you need to know!

We can’t wait to kick off this program with you babe. We all start together on October 5th! 🤗


Your Tone It Up Trainers 

How do I join the program? 

It’s easy! You can find your TIU4YOU Program in your Tone It Up app. Simply go to the “Workouts” screen and you’ll find the TIU4YOU program up top. Click “join” and you’re in! If you’re already on a program, add TIU4YOU to your queue so it’s waiting for you. 

When does the program start? 

We’re all starting together on Monday, October 5th and the program goes for 4 weeks! 

What if I can’t start on October 5th?

That’s one of our favorite parts of the app! We LOVE starting together as a team, but if you can’t start on the same date, you can join the TIU4YOU program at ANY TIME! Just go to your app programs and tap the “join” button! 

How do I follow along with the program? 

Once you’re signed up for the program, it’s all laid out for you in the “My Program” section of your app. Each week, you’ll get a weekly schedule of workouts to follow. Your program is designed for you to start at the top and work your way down. You can also feel free to mix it up and do whichever workout works best for you each day.

What types of workouts can I expect? 

TIU4YOU features incredible new workouts for every fitness level — all designed to do at home and on your schedule! This program includes: 

-22 brand new workouts from your fave TIU trainers ~ metabolizing HIIT, calming yoga, powerful strength training, sports conditioning, empowering boxing, and more!
-NEW running & indoor cycling workouts available for a fully customizable workout plan
-Weekly meditations for mind-body connection 

How many days a week should I work out? 

We have programmed 7 workouts each week. Don’t worry — yoga, foam rolling, and stretching are included in your weekly schedules to give your body the active recovery it needs. If you need a rest day, take it! And you can always find more recovery routines in the Stretching + Foam Rolling sections On Demand. Remember, this is YOUR program so listen to your body and make it work for you!

Is cardio included in the program? 

Yes!! For our cardio queens, we filmed all new running and indoor cycling workouts, which you can find On Demand. Each week, you’ll get a recommended cardio workout to help get you incredible results. The running workouts are totally optional, friendly for all levels, and flexible for running outdoors or on a treadmill. Want more cardio? Go for it! Advanced babes can aim for 2-3 cardio sessions per week. 

Do I need to have an indoor bike? 

The program includes optional indoor cycling workouts — and if you don’t have a bike, no worries! You can swap in other forms of cardio like running, hiking, or walking. Or, you can pick any routine from the Cardio or HIIT sections On Demand. 

What workout equipment do I need? 

For this program you’ll need dumbbells (we love to have a couple different weight options), booty bands, yoga mat, ankle weights, and toning ropes. Check out our new Fitness Bundle here! And if you don’t have all of the recommended equipment, don’t sweat it! You can still do the TIU4YOU program with whatever you have. The equipment is just another way to level up your results! 

How can I cast the workouts on a larger screen? 

We gotchu! For a larger screen you can: 

- Tap the full screen icon that appears on the bottom right of your video to switch to full screen mode!
- Use the “cast” button to cast your workouts to Google Chromecast devices 
- Mirror your phone with an AppleTV

How do I check in with the team? 

Make sure to check in with us on IG using the hashtags #TIU4YOU and #TIUteam so we can cheer you on and keep each other accountable!

Will there be live workouts? 

Yes! Throughout the program, we’ll continue going live on the @toneitup IG! We love connecting with you girls there — and while totally optional, the live workouts will complement your weekly TIU4YOU workout schedule. 

Where can I find my meal plan? 

Your new meal plan will be released soon in the nutrition section of your TIU app. Nutrition members will also still receive an email with the PDF version. Be on the lookout! 

What can I expect in my new plan? 

Delicious, easy, and cozy new fall recipes (tray bakes, overnight oats, soups, smoothies, and of course lots of pumpkin 🎃 ), customizable meal-by-meal guides, grocery lists, and nutrition advice to make healthy eating work for you. 

Can I mix and match the meals?

Of course! The meal-by-meal guides are just suggestions for you. Do what works for YOU and your lifestyle! Feel free to swap in other recipes from the plan or You’re still “on the plan” as long as you’re following the Nutrition Guidelines laid out in your meal plan. 

Can I substitute ingredients? 

If there’s an ingredient you can’t have, don’t love, or can’t find right now, feel free to sub in another. Just make sure it fits in with your Nutrition Guidelines. View the Ingredient Substitutions page in the meal plan for suggestions. 

What should I have on hand at home? 

We recommend stocking up on: 

-Tone It Up Protein Powders 
-Marine Collagen 
-Protein + Immunity ~ we have a brand new Strawberry Banana flavor!
-Bars and bites for easy snacks

You can grab everything at or your local Target!

We also have BRAND NEW TIU4YOU Bundles with all the essentials. Check them out HERE!

What will my results be? 

You’ll be feeling healthy, happy, strong, & confident at home!

- You’ll feel lean, fit, and toned 
- Your energy levels will rise
- Your skin will be glowing 
- You’ll sleep better 
- You’ll boost your mood and decrease anxiety 
- You'll feel connected to the #TIUteam 
- Best of all, you’ll feel more motivated, confident, and empowered than ever! Plus, you’ll have so much fun!

Ready to feel fit, confident, and strong?! Let’s do this! 


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