6 Easy Meal Prep Tips For The Fall Challenge

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Just 3 days until we officially kick off the Fall Challenge! And you know what that means? Sunday is meal prep time! 

By meal prepping in advance, you will set yourself up for a week of healthy eating. You’ll save so much time and energy cooking during the week. Plus, you’ll always have healthy options on hand when you’re busy and hungry. 

When you sign up for the challenge here, you’ll get the brand new Fall Challenge Meal Plan with fresh seasonal recipes, meal-by-meal guides, nutrition advice, and grocery lists. You can choose to follow the meal-by-meal guides or switch things up and mix and match meals — as long as you follow the nutrition guidelines laid out in the beginning of the plan.

Either way, meal prepping will be a huge win for you as you start the challenge! Check out our 6 go-to tips to make meal prep a breeze. 

Slice and freeze fruit

We’ve been using this smoothie trick for years and it never fails! Slice up bananas and lay them flat in a Ziploc bag before you freeze them. You can do this for any type of fruit. In the morning when you’re making your smoothie, it’s easy to grab everything and the fruit still tastes fresh! We have the Cranberry Nectarine Smoothie Bowl in week 1 of the meal-by-meal guides, so freeze your bananas and cranberries to get ‘em ready for Monday. 

overnight oats

Prep your overnight oats and mini muffins

Week 1 also features your favorite overnight oats for breakfast. These are a must to prepare in advance. We like to make a few servings and keep them in the fridge in mason jars. Mini muffins are also a community favorite (fall means Pumpkin Muffins!). You can make a big batch on Sunday, keep some in the fridge, and freeze the rest. They keep in the freezer for up to 3 months! 

Did you know you can also turn your Tone It Up Pancakes into mini muffins? We do this all the time...especially with extra blueberries in the batter!

Shred and marinate kale 

We love a big kale salad with tons of veggies and a lean protein for lunch. The only snag is that kale can be hard to digest for some people. Here’s our fix: Chop your kale into small pieces with scissors — that way it’s easier to eat and digest. It also helps to let it soak in dressing. Massage your chopped kale with olive oil and lemon juice and let it marinate in the fridge for a day or two before you eat it. This will soften it up and give it extra flavor!

Grill lean proteins 

Make your lean proteins like chicken, turkey, or fish on the grill or in the oven, and you can use them all week in salads, lean bowls, and tray bakes. Having the protein prepped will make cooking go so much faster on busy weeknights. 


Make cozy crockpot meals

Crockpot dishes are the easiest thing to make in batches on Sunday! Just toss everything in and let the crockpot do its thing while you enjoy your Sunday plans. We have a whole section of crockpot meals in the Fall Meal Plan. 

Pack your snacks 

If you will be out and about during the day, stock your purse or gym back with grab-and-go options like Tone It Up bars, cookies, and shakes. If you’ll be at home during the week, it’s still a great idea to lay out your snacks where you can easily grab them. You’re much more likely to reach for something healthy if it’s right in front of you!

Looking for more meal prep tips? We have even more in the Fall Meal Plan! Join us for the Fall Challenge to get the brand plan!


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