5 Reasons You Should Be Drinking Water Right Now

By Katrina Scott on
Hey beautiful! Question for ya...are you drinking enough water? Chances are, the answer is no. Research shows that as many as 75% of us are chronically dehydrated. How crazy is that? Especially since hydration is SO essential for every part of your beautiful body. 
More than 60 percent of your body weight is made up of water, and every system in your body depends on it. Water carries nutrients to your cells, flushes out toxins, and impacts your mood, skin, digestion ~ everything! 
We recommend drinking half your body weight (pounds) in ounces of water each day. For example, a 150 lb-woman should aim for 75 oz of water per day. 
We’re breaking down all the benefits of proper hydration plus sharing tips to up your water intake. 
So grab your water bottle right now and drink up buttercup 💦 
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Why You Should Be Sippin’ 

You’ll replenish post-workout
We lose water when we sweat it out in a TIU workout, so replacing fluids after exercise is crucial to restore balance, repair muscle tissue, and keep your system running smoothly. Drink an extra 8 oz of water for every 30 minutes of exercise. 
You’ll rev your metabolism 
Dehydration can slow your metabolism by as much as 3 percent! Research shows that upping your water intake leads to an increased rate of burning calories as opposed to storing them as fat. 
You’ll up your energy levels
Fatigue is one of the first signs of dehydration. Dehydration decreases oxygen flow to your brain and makes your heart work harder to pump out oxygen, which causes you to feel tired and foggy. Drink up and you’ll feel energized to power through your workouts and whatever comes your way!
You’ll bust stress
Dehydration can lead to an increase in cortisol (aka the stress hormone). When you’re hydrated, you’ll feel calmer and more balanced overall. 
You’ll get that summer glow ✨
H20 increases water in your skin cells, which helps reduce wrinkles and makes your skin glow! 

Try These Tricks To Up Your H20 Intake 

Wake up & drink up 
After hours of sleep, your body wakes up dehydrated. We like to drink a full glass of water FIRST THING...before we even get out of bed! Fill up a glass before you go to sleep and keep it on your nightstand. If you’re a coffee lover like us, it’s especially important to have H20 before your first cup. 
Sip lemon water 
Before coffee, we also recommend a cup of hot water with lemon. It wakes up your digestive system and kicks your liver into detox mode. Plus, lemon’s vitamin C has been shown to boost immunity and protect against skin damage. We also love adding a pinch of turmeric or cayenne for extra antioxidants!
Keep your TIU bottle by your side  
Even though we’re all at home, your TIU water bottle should still be your BFF. It holds more than 2 cups of water and it keeps it cold for up to 24 hours. Keep yours on your desk, kitchen counter, in your home gym area ~ wherever is closest to you! 
Set reminders 
Set hourly notifications on your phone to remind you to fill up your bottle or glass. And when that alarm goes off, why not take a quick walk or stretch too?! 
Infuse your water
Zest up your usual H20 by making spa water ~ it feels a lil’ extra fancy and luxurious, which we all need right now! Infusing your water with fruit and herbs gives it a delicious refreshing taste plus extra cleansing benefits.
Try these combos: 
orange + lemon + lime
lemon + raspberry + mint
lemon + cucumber + mint
blackberry + cherry + lime
To make any of these recipes, slice and wash the fruit and herbs — use as much or as little as you like — then drop into your water. Drink it right away or allow to sit for a few hours for the flavors to infuse into the water! Try letting it sit overnight in the fridge in a pitcher and then drink within three days.
Looking for more fitness & nutrition advice to feel your best? Join us in the Tone It Up app to access nutrition guidelines, recipes, amazing workouts, & meditations. Everything you need to feel strong, confident, & healthy from the inside out! 

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