Want to Celebrate Yoga Month? We Have the Flow for You!

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It’s National Yoga Month, babe, and we’d love to celebrate by taking a class with YOU! 

Yoga brings tons of mental and physical benefits, including helping you connect your body and mind — just one reason why we love it so much! The practice also improves core stability, mobility, and all-over strength and it builds up bone density, too. We also love the focus it brings to the breath and helping you stay present in the moment. A practice in presence helps you find some stress relief and calm in the chaos — something we all need throughout the day!

Whether you like flows that move fast from one pose to the next, classes that incorporate strength for the upper or lower body, or a slow-moving sequence that lets you breathe deep and stretch it out, your Tone It Up app has a yoga workout for you! Here, the best yoga classes for every yogi style. Search for the workouts On Demand or in the yoga section of your app. 

Tell us how you like each sequence with #TIUYogaMonth! We can’t wait to flow together girl!

The Best Yoga Workouts for Every Type of Yogi

kat yoga flow

If you love yoga classes with… strength exercises

OR Yogi type: Strength builder

If you gravitate toward the weight room but still want soothing yoga flows in your life, these sculpting routines are for you! Each sequence features exercises for strengthening your arms, legs, booty, abs — or everything together. You’ll bring the burn to your muscles, while still focusing on the breath.

  • 6:40 Meta Yoga Sculpt
  • Sun-Kissed Yoga Sculpt
  • Yoga Arm Tone
  • Booty Call Flow
  • Core Slow Burn Flow

    chevy yoga flow

    If you love yoga classes with… HIIT incorporated

    OR Yogi type: Cardio master

    Who said yoga can’t get the heart pumping and metabolism revving? These Tone It Up workouts feature some high-energy exercises that add a cardio element to your typical soothing sequence. Don’t forget to breathe deep during these workouts — that’s even more important when you turn up the intensity!

  • Yoga Boxing Babe
  • HIIT ‘N Flow
  • Yoga Cardio Flow
  • Energizing Cardio Abs Flow
  • karena yoga flow

    If you love yoga classes with… an energizing effect

    OR Yogi type: Energy chaser

    For those who need a little pick-me-up, look no further than a yoga flow that invigorates your body and mind. These yoga routines get the blood flowing, so you feel a sense of awakening and renewal. Do them in the morning for a burst of energy or midday when you need a little jolt. 

  • Heart Opening Flow
  • Fire + Flow
  • Vibe ‘N Flow

    karena yoga flow

    If you love yoga classes with… a confidence boost

    OR Yogi type: Self-love seeker

    If slow is more your speed, you’ll love a calming flow that links one breath to one movement or holds peaceful poses that help you stretch out while winding down. These routines also lend a dose of confidence and positive vibes. In other words, they’re just ah-mazing for your mind and your body so go ahead and hit play!

  • Flow with Love
  • Morning Mantra Yoga
  • Rejuvenating Detox Yoga Flow
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