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What Trainers Do On Rest Days

What Trainers Do On Rest Days

 You’ve been seriously getting after it and challenging yourself in your TIU app workouts ~ we see your checkins girl! We want to make sure you’re taking your recovery routine just as seriously as your workouts. Changes to your beautiful body happen AFTER your workout, not during it, so what you do on your rest days makes a huge difference in your results. 

We recommend you take at least one active rest day a week. Sometimes you’ll need more, so listen to your body. 

Today, we’re sharing exactly what we, as trainers, do on our rest days. These practices are so important for not only muscle recovery, but also to relax your body and mind. When you recover properly, you’ll come back to your workouts even stronger 💪

Our Rest Day Routines 

“Whenever possible, my active rest days are spent in nature with my girlfriends! I absolutely love waking up slow and going surfing before breakfast. A little bit of refreshing activity that isn’t too strenuous makes my body and mind feel very rejuvenated. Staying properly hydrated throughout the day and spending 15 minutes on my Tone It Up foam roller before bed, and I’m ready to rock the next day’s workout! ~ Stef

“On my active rest days, I focus on keeping my movement light and easy (a lot less intense than a regular day.) If an active rest day falls on a weekday, I will do some light stretching and foam rolling to help my body recover from any muscle soreness. If it falls on a weekend, I will explore an easy to moderate hike with my hubby or friends.” ~ Ariel 

“I still like to move my body on my rest days. Usually I take a yin yoga class, a longggg stretch + foam rolling session, or if I have lots of energy to burn off still I will do a long walk outside. I also love to lather my body in muscle recovery creams and roll out with candles lit and the lights low. This helps my body to not only recover through the muscles but also helps me decompress emotionally from the week!” ~ Tori 

“I consciously lean into the ‘rest.’ For me, it is more of a mental practice then anything. It’s reminding myself that not only do I have permission to rest but I will function better with it! With that said, I do love going on walks! I try to check my phone at the door and be present with my surroundings as possible. That alone fills me up in a way that nothing else can.” ~ Chyna 

“My active rest day usually consists of long walks and park time with Bella. I make sure to drink a lot of water to hydrate and have a protein smoothie to fuel sore muscles! My favorite way to recover is to get a massage. I haven't been able to get one in a long time in quarantine, so I use the Tone It Up foam roller! We have routines in the app for recovery with the foam roller!” ~ Kat

“I love going on long easy walks on active rest days. I put in my headphones and walk along the water while listening to a podcast. Being out in nature soothes me and helps my body and mind relax” ~ Karena

Find amazing active recovery routines — yoga, stretching, foam rolling, & more — in your Tone It Up app!