8 Reasons To Love Leg Day

By Katrina Scott on
Leg Day - Strong Legs Love Your Body Hey babe! Can you believe we’re already halfway through the Love Your Body Series?! Time seriously flies when you’re gettin’ strong! This week, it’s time to up the intensity of our strength training workouts. And that comes with one of my fave days of the week…LEG DAY!  Head to your Tone It Up app today to join me for Strong Legs, the ultimate leg workout designed to sculpt your booty, quads, hamstrings, and calves. You'll get a mix of fundamental strength exercises, plus some creative new combo moves to work your legs from every single angle and in every plane of motion. That’s 360 degrees of love to power all that you do!  If that doesn’t convince you about the benefits of leg day, keep reading for a few more! Then check out the complete Tone It Up app workout. You will seriously love it and feel so strong! Check in with me after #TIULoveYourBody!  xxo, Kat

Leg Day Deadlift - Strong Legs Love Your Body

8 Reasons to Love Leg Day

It makes everyday tasks easier.

Walking, running, sitting, standing — they all require strong legs! When you focus on lower body workouts, you work all muscles of your lower half so that each of these movements become easier. Translation: every day made better thanks to leg day!

It boosts your heart rate.

Your legs house some of the biggest muscles in your body, so when you work this area, you require more oxygen to keep pushing through! Because of that — and the fact that you’re often moving from a low to high position — your heart starts pumping hard, you begin burning more calories, and your metabolism revs even more!  Leg Day Curtsy Lunge - Strong Legs Love Your Body

You get more powerful.

Those jumps, hops, and other explosive movements require one major thing: a super strong base! Strong hamstrings, quads, calves, and glutes will power you through plyometrics and help you marry speed and strength ~ aka the definition of POWER! 

You work that booty, too.

Leg day…with a side of 🍑! Crushing your squats, lunges, and deadlifts will work your entire posterior chain, booty included! And the more lean muscle you build, you’ll burn more energy at rest. Hello, boosted metabolism!

You undo all that sitting.

When you sit at a desk or in a car all day, your hips are in a constant flexed position. That’s why you want to work hip extension on leg day! Moves like kickbacks and deadlifts (just like you’ll see in the Strong Legs routine on your Tone It Up app today) target that extension. So you’ll strengthen the muscles that tend to get weak from staying in your seat — mainly your glutes and hammies! Leg Day Sumo Squat - Strong Legs Love Your Body

You boost your speed.

Want to pick up your pace on the run or a bike? Get leg day on the calendar! Strengthening the muscles of your booty, thighs, and calves will get you in shape to push your speed and go for longer, too!

You reduce your risk of injury.

Leg day isn’t all about strength or aesthetics! By having a strong lower half — and a left and right side that can equally take on challenges without compensation — you can sidestep injuries, too! 

You better your balance.

Single-leg movements are all about stability! So when you want to stay stable on your feet, turn to leg day with some single-sided deadlifts, leg raises, and all sorts of lunges! 

Try our fave strength, HIIT, and yoga routines in the Tone It Up app! You'll break a sweat and see serious results fast!

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