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  • If you've been on the search for the very BEST arm workout... look no further, because your NEW Toned Arms Workout is OUT OF THIS WORLD! This incredible routine strengthens and sculpts every single inch of your biceps, triceps, shoulders and back.


      • Happy Tone It Up Tuesday! You're going to love this arm workout! You can do it at home, the gym or on-the-go!
      • What you need for this workout: Tone It Up Mini Bands and a pair of dumbbells. Start with anywhere from 5-10 lb and work your way up from there as you build your strength. Always be sure you can maintain good form and can perform 15-20 repetitions.
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        • Move 1: SPIDER WOMAN

          TONES your shoulders and sculpts strong arms BEGIN in a push up position with a band wrapped just above your wrists. The band should be taut, hands directly under your shoulders and legs wider than hips-width apart. MOVE your right leg and right arm a few inches to the right. Have your left arm and leg follow so that you end in the starting position. Make sure to keep your core engaged. Complete 10 reps to the right then switch sides and move to the left.

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          Move 2: BEAUTIFUL BICEPS

          STRENGTHENS your biceps and sculpts your arms. GRAB two dumbbells and hold them by your side with palms facing forward. Keep your shoulders back and core engaged. CURL the dumbbells up toward your shoulder. Complete 15-20 reps.
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          Move 3: REAR FLY

          TARGETS your chest & sculpts sexy shoulders! BEGIN with feet together, knees slightly bent, leaning forward with a neutral back. Hold the dumbbells in front of your body with a slight bend in the elbow. Make sure you keep your neck in line with your spine. KEEP your core engaged as you lift your arms out to the side. Maintain the slight bend at your elbows. Complete 12 reps.
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          STRENGTHENS your triceps. STAND straight up with a dumbbell in each hand. Lift your arms up by your ears and bend your elbows. STRAIGHTEN your elbows and raise the dumbbells above your head. Complete 15 reps.
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          Move 5: EXTERNAL ROTATION

          SCULPTS beautiful biceps & shoulders! START with a dumbbell in each hand, bending your arms at a 90 degree angle in front of you, palms facing up. KEEPING the 90 degree angle, bring your palms out to your sides and back to the start for 1 rep. Be sure your elbows remain at your sides as you engage your core! Complete 15 reps.
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          Move 6: LOVELY LATERAL RAISE

          SCULPTS your shoulders. WHILE holding a dumbbell in each hand, put your arms by your side and keep your feet together. SLOWLY lift your arms out to the side until they are in line with your shoulders. Make sure to stand tall with your core engaged and shoulders back. Complete 12 reps.
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          Move 7: FABULOUS FRONT RAISE

          SCULPTS your shoulders and arms. STAND with your knees slightly bent and dumbbells in front of your body, palms facing you. RAISE your arms out in front of your body until they are parallel with the floor and in line with your shoulders. Slowly lower back down to start. Make sure to maintain a slight bend in your knees and keep your core engaged throughout. Complete 12 reps.



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