Tone It Up January Challenge 2024: Refresh and Reset

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Start Your New Year With Us and the Refresh & Reset Program!

Get excited, girl, because we’re bringing you our best program yet!! We’re starting out the New Year ready to get strong and sculpted thanks to our four-week Refresh & Reset program! The next month is all about building a powerful mind and body, thanks to a mix of workouts including strength training, HIIT, yoga, mobility, and meditations!

Each week, the workouts get tougher as you get stronger! Because of the progressiveness of the program, you’ll stay challenged, motivated, and excited for the next workout! And of course, as your TIU trainers, we bring enthusiasm and uplifting energy too, so you feel confident in your capabilities and ready to take on each new challenge!


What to Expect from your Reset & Refresh Program

We start this program out strong, but conservative! You’ll ease into the intensity with bodyweight, dumbbell, and hip band workouts that lay the foundation for your month of fitness ahead! Within the week, you’ll mix total-body, upper-body, and lower-body strength workouts, as well as yoga sculpting routines! You also have a foam rolling and stretching routine for recovery, and a meditation (which you’ll see on each week of the plan!) to get your mind in the game and build that confidence!

Week two and three elevate the challenge of each workout by moving faster, adding in heavier weights, doing more combination exercises, or increasing the work periods (and decreasing the rest breaks)! You’ll add in HIIT routines and a mobility session to keep your program well-rounded and your energy on blast!

The final week means business! It’s time to grab heavier weights, take your intensity to the next level, and push through each advanced exercise! You’ll still get a mix of muscle-group focused workouts, plus interval sessions that mix in plyometrics, along with a power yoga flow to tap into your inner warrior!

Throughout the entire plan, you’ll also see quick workout boosters which elevate your routine for the day, giving you an extra burn! Feel free to add these in whenever you want something a little more for your day!!


Your Refresh and Reset Program Trainers

Three of your favorite TIU trainers take you through this Refresh & Reset program, leaving you feeling inspired and ready to reveal your best self by the end! Even if your motivation feels low at first, they will get you excited to move and groove right through week four!

Chevy: Call her your inspiration leader! Chevy always has the most uplifting words of encouragement that will make you feel like a badass woman! She gives you a major variety of workouts too, including strength sessions, yoga flows, and yoga sculpt routines that blend strength exercises into yoga poses! Plus, you get some interval training, too!

Dalia: The one who brings some heat to every workout, Dalia is all about offering challenging strength routines and creative combo exercises that test your body in new ways! She takes you through toning and HIIT workouts, along with a super soothing mobility routine that will feel SO GOOD mid program!

Allegra: You know you’ll work your booty and legs when it comes to Allegra’s workouts, but she also serves up an upper body routine that mixes in boxing moves, along with ab workouts that seriously sculpt and strengthen the core! Follow her cues and hit each rep, because it’s worth it!!

Let’s Kick Off that Reset & Refresh Mindset!

Once you wrap up four weeks of the Refresh & Reset program, you should feel strong, empowered, confident, and toned all over! The progressive approach is meant to test your limits and keep you from getting bored or your routines from getting stale! The variety ups the fun factor too—along with your amazing trainers!

Do each workout at the level that works for you—lifting weights that are challenging but doable, and taking any modifications you need throughout the program! But don’t be afraid to push it (while hitting each workout with precision!). The goal is to stay present through each move and really kick it into high gear by that last week!

We know you’ve got this and you’re going to CRUSH IT! Make sure to tell us how it’s going and how each workout feels for your beautiful body!!

Here’s to a strong and powerful Refresh & Reset this year!!!



Your TIU Trainers

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