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Find Your Perfect Tone It Up App Program

Find Your Perfect Tone It Up App Program

Tone It Up App Programs

When we dreamed up your Tone It Up app, our goal was simple: give you exclusive access to the best trainers, the most effective workouts, and THE most amazing community of women just like you. And now with nine(!!!) incredible fitness programs in your app, there’s truly something for every woman, every goal, and every season of life. ✨ 

Getting started is easy — choose whichever program is best for YOU and join on your own timeline. Once you’re in, we take out all the guesswork for you. You’ll get weekly workout schedules, daily workout reminders, and all the trainer motivation, tips, and guidance you need to succeed. Plus, you’ll earn badges for every program you complete, sweaty selfies worth celebrating, and so much community love to keep you motivated & accountable every step of the way! 

Not sure which program is your perfect match? Check out the cheat sheet below! Whether your goal is to build strength, tone up fast, or find mind-body connection, we’ve got just the program for you! 

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Find Your Perfect Tone It Up Fitness Program

Tone It Up App Programs - 14 Day Slay

14 Day Slay 

Perfect for: Getting fit fast 

Let’s slay babe! This 14-day program is just what you need to get you prepped for a big event — or anytime you need a little refresh. It includes some of our favorite quick and effective workouts to raise your heart rate, boost your metabolism, and tone your total body. Intermediate to advanced, it’s the ideal mix of heart-pumping cardio, HIIT, and strength training to get great results fast! 

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Tone It Up Strength 

Perfect for: Building megababe strength 

Join Katrina and Chyna for an amazing 6-week strength training program designed to form lean, gorgeous muscle from head to toe! Each day, you’ll focus on a different muscle group to maximize your strength, boost your metabolism, and transform your total body. Can you guess which day is our fave?! Hint: 🍑🍑🍑 Ideal for the girl who’s mastered the basics and is ready for more advanced strength-focused routines. 

Tone It Up App Programs - TIU21


Perfect for: Total body toning at home 

It takes 21 days to form a habit...and this 21-day program delivers the ultimate sweat-meets-self-care experience in just 30 minutes a day! From energizing HIIT sessions to feel-good yoga flows, this intermediate-level program will level up your fitness — right from your living room floor.

JOIN US! Get the Tone It Up App HERE to start TIU21 today! 

Tone It Up App Programs - Summer Tone Up

Summer Tone Up

Perfect for: Girls new to TIU

Start here to feel strong, sculpted, and confident right at home! This 6-week, beginner-friendly program has it all — convenient and effective workouts, mindful meditations, and healthy recipes to help you feel amazing inside and out. 

Tone It Up App Programs - Toned Body Toned Mind

Toned Body, Toned Mind 

Perfect for: Awakening your mind, body & spirit  

Join Karena Dawn for this powerful daily yoga & meditation practice. Over the course of 4 weeks, you’ll unlock the mind-body connection that’s so often missing from our busy lives. Through energizing yoga routines, mindful meditations, weekly soul checkins, and time spent in nature, this is the program for anyone seeking inner strength and balance.  

Tone It Up App Programs - Beach Babe

Beach Babe

Perfect for: Sculpting & sweating to TIU faves 

Come hit the beach with us! This 4-week program features our all-time favorite workouts from Tone It Up’s Beach Babe and Bikini Series. Each week, you’ll get 7 seriously sculpting workouts — from HIIT to strength training to yoga  — to help you achieve incredible results. 

Tone It Up App Programs - Love Your Body

Love Your Body 2020

Perfect for: Feeling fit, beautiful, & empowered 

Strengthen your total body, boost your metabolism, and radiate confidence. This 4-week program — combining HIIT, strength training, yoga, and self-love affirming meditations — serves up the perfect mix of positive vibes to feel strong and empowered. Even better...every workout is under 30 minutes! 

Tone It Up App Programs - Tone It Up Pregnancy

Tone It Up Pregnancy 

Perfect for: Expecting mamas 

Feel strong, fit, and energized through all three trimesters of your pregnancy with this prenatal workout program designed for moms-to-be. Led by new mama Katrina, this 36-week program is customized right down to your week of pregnancy so there’s no guesswork, only easy-to-follow routines that will leave you glowing. Together, you’ll learn how to move safely, listen to your body, and surrender to every beautiful change. Plus, you’ll get endless love and support from the amazing #TIUpregnancy community!  

GET STARTED: Download the app HERE to start feeling amazing! 

Tone It Up App Programs - TIU Mama

Tone It Up Mama 

Perfect for: Busy moms   

Whether you’re 6 weeks, 6 months, or 6 years post-baby, this is the postpartum program for you! Over the course of 12 weeks, you’ll join new mama Katrina to strengthen your total body, rebuild your core, and boost your confidence to look and feel like the supermama you are! And don’t worry, these routines are short and sweet — including workouts you can do while your baby is napping, playing, or strolling along with you! 

Are you in?! Tell us which program you’re starting and we’ll see you in the app!

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