Tone It Up 2023 Fall Challenge: Power Up

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Power Up Your Fitness for This Year’s Fall Challenge!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, girl—the time to slip into your favorite leggings and tank and join us for your fall challenge!! This year, we’re bringing you the Power Up program, which lasts four weeks and elevates your fitness with a mix of strength, stretching, and cardio-revving routines!

We’re so excited to bring you this month-long schedule of workouts that builds your strength and power and helps you tone all over! In addition to working your body, we also tap into your mental state with mindful stretching and yoga sessions, along with meditations! It’s one well-rounded program that will make you feel empowered, proud, and capable!


What to Expect from the Power Up Program

 Throughout the next four weeks, you’ll tackle a workout every day—that means 28 days of workouts! With a mix of total-body strength sessions and those targeted at specific muscle groups, along with soothing yoga and stretch sequences, every one of those workouts will fly by and leave you feeling AMAZING!

Every week, expect a total-body, upper-body, core, and legs-and-booty workout, all of which will build your strength, cardio fitness, and power! You’ll also do both a yoga flow and stretching session every week. These flexibility and mobility classes help you focus on an aspect of fitness we tend to neglect: simply moving better! We also pair a guided meditation with one of your mind-body-based classes to bring an extra focus to your headspace, helping you stay present and tap into your inner peace and self-love. 

Throughout the program, we’ve added 5- to 10-minute boosters to elevate your fitness and ignite your strength even more! While we’ve plotted these on specific days, feel free to add them in whenever you need a little extra burn!

By the end of your Power Up fall challenge, you will hit every major muscle group, challenge your stability and explosive power, and increase your mobility and flexibility! You’ll also end it feeling grounded and centered—with a kick in your confidence! We love the versatility of this program, from the mix of workout styles to trainers’ motivational encouragement, and we can’t wait to conquer it with you!

Your Power Up Program Trainers

 Karena: Your TIU co-founder, Karena brings years of experience leading workouts for you ladies! Her laid-back, lighthearted personality means you’ll be smiling straight through her sessions—even as you crush strength move after strength move. You’ll also tune into her voice for guided meditations that bring you some peace of mind and make you feel good from the inside out!

Allegra: Don’t underestimate the power—and challenge—Allegra, a certified personal trainer, brings to each workout! Her approachable, upbeat vibe makes you feel welcome, but she also makes you WORK it. Get ready to take your fitness to the next level with her workouts. 

Alex: Prepare for a super serene environment when you press play on Alex’s yoga sequences! The 500-hour vinyasa yoga instructor incorporates athletics, alignment cues, and a spiritual element into each of her sessions. With her positive vibes, encouraging words, and super helpful posture points, you’ll definitely end her workouts feeling like your best self!

Bec: There’s nothing quite like the Aussie accent and hype-girl attitude of Bec! As the queen of the booty band, you can obviously expect a booty burn from her workouts, but as a certified strength coach, she cheers you on through total-body, upper-body, and core-focused work too!

Lex: Meet your newest TIU trainer, Lex! As a flexibility coach, she sneaks strength work into your stretching sessions and mindful moments into your physical practice! You’ll love her comforting and motivating style of coaching that helps you focus on the workout and finish feeling both relaxed and energized.

Ready to Power Up?!

By the end of the four weeks of your Power Up program, we hope you feel powerful, confident, strong, and accomplished! The program is meant to challenge you, but also give you the time and space to focus on YOU—your mental and physical well-being! 

Take each workout one by one, staying present in each session, focusing on one rep at a time, and breathing through each exercise! The goal of the 28-day program is to offer a holistic approach to your fitness, elevating your strength, toning your body, helping you move better and FEEL better! We can’t wait to hear how you love it!

Make sure you check in with us using #TIUPowerUp and keep us updated on all your progress! You got this, you powerful being!!


Karena, Allegra, Alex, Bec, & Lex


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