THIS Is The Most Important Commitment You’ll Make In The New Year

By Katrina Scott on

Happy New Year babe! It’s DAY ONE of the Tone It Up 2021 Challenge, and you’re already doing amazing...just by signing up and being here right now, you’ve told yourself, “I’m prioritizing my wellness. I deserve it.” So take a moment and recognize yourself for that ~ it’s BIG! 

Our theme for the challenge this week is commitment. We know you’re balancing a lot of commitments in your life — work, family, friends, kids, everyday tasks. Even with everything you have going on, your most important commitment is to yourself — because when you care for yourself, you’re a better coworker, mother, daughter, sister, friend, partner, and leader. 

You’ve already committed to yourself by signing up for the challenge (and if you haven’t yet, it’s not too late ~ just head over here!).  So now let’s talk about how to follow through on your commitments and get after your goals! 

Once a week (Sundays are great for this), we like to take stock of our goals and commitments and do these three things to make sure we stick with them: 

1. Write it

Grab your journal and write down what you want to commit to for the week ~ maybe it’s 3 workouts in the TIU app, a meal prep session, meditating twice a week, drinking more water every day, or joining for a live workout. Write it all down and then pick 1 or 2 goals that are a priority that week. Start small and you can always add on next week!

2. Share it 

Share these commitments with the TIU team to hold yourself accountable! Post a checkin with your weekly goals on IG with the hashtags #TIU2021 and #TIUteam and tag your accountability partners and us @ToneItUp


3. Schedule it

Treat your wellness commitments like you would any other appointment — a Zoom work call, a doctor’s appointment, or a date with a friend. Block the time out on your calendar. This might mean waking up earlier before your kids or blocking off a lunch break on your work calendar. If you have a shared calendar with your partner or family, put your workouts/meal prep/meditation time on there too!

Take a look at the weekly schedule on IG every Sunday or if you’re doing a program in the app, you can see the week’s upcoming workouts. Choose which workouts work for your schedule and put them on the cal. We’ll also be having IG Live meal prep sessions every Sunday of the challenge, so that can be a consistent meal prep date you have with us :) 
We’re so proud of you for joining this challenge and making this commitment to yourself! Here’s to the next six weeks of getting stronger, together 💪


Are you IN?! Join us for Tone It Up 2021— your 6-week challenge to feel stronger together!


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