Summer Tone Up Grand Prize Announcement!!!

By Katrina Scott on

Just two weeks in and you’re already crushing the Summer Tone Up! We see all your checkins, your sweaty selfies and recipe pics, we feel your energy in the Live workouts, and we see you commenting and supporting each other ~ we’re beyond proud of you!

We want to follow your whole Summer Tone Up journey, hear your story, and celebrate your success...basically we wanna be your hype girls. 👯‍♀️ So today we have BIG NEWS ~ we’re SO excited to announce the Summer Tone Up GRAND PRIZE! 🎉💃😍

We’ll be looking at all your checkins and selecting some special girls from the community to honor! Make sure you’re crushing your workouts, checking in every day with the hashtag #SummerToneUp, and supporting other girls in the community by commenting and giving them lots of love!

We’ll be looking out for you and can’t wait to see your Summer Tone Up journey! Love you endlessly 💛



3 Grand Prize Winners

We’ll be choosing 3 grand prize winners who motivate this team with dedication to their workouts, checkins every day, giving tons of community support, and inspiring us all with their unique story and heart! 

These grand prize winners will receive the ultimate at-home fitness care package to support your fitness journey and celebrate YOU 🙌 

The prize package includes: 

- An iPad Pro with a stand 

- $1000 gift card from Outdoor Voices

-$200 gift card from Revolve

    - Tone It Up Mat + more TIU workout equipment 

    - 1-year supply of Tone It Up Protein products to fuel your fitness

    - A Zoom meetup and Virtual Photoshoot with K&K!!! We’re SO excited for this! 

    Runner-Up Winners

    We’ll be selecting these babes to win a special package of our favorite Tone It Up goodies & apparel, including a $100 gift card from Outdoor Voices: 

    MVP ~ for being in every LIVE and checking in with the team each day

    Most Supportive ~ for a girl who is supporting the community a ton through checkins and comments

    Community Chef ~ for the best recipe pics and meal checkins 

    Hype Girl ~ for the best motivator 

    Boss Babe ~ for a #TIUteacher who is crushing her workouts while teaching at home 

    Fierce Frontline Female ~ for an amazing women who is working as an essential worker and caring for herself 

    MMM ~ Most Motivating Mama 

    TIU Savage ~ for a fierce girl who did every workout in the app and checked in after with a sweaty selfie 

    Miss Congeniality ~ for a girl who is consistently checking in with and cheering for her accountability partners 

    TIU Boo ~ for the most supportive partner

    Cat Mom ~ for the fierce feline mama

    Dog Mom ~ for the 'Pom Mom' in all of us

    TIU Student ~ for the studious babe doing it all

    Military Hero ~ to honor those who protect us

    Bride to Be ~ for the bombshell TIU bride

    Most Inspiring Transformation ~ for a girl who has a beautiful transformative experience, body and mind, through the series 

    PLUS, we’re choosing 10 MORE GIRLS to receive a Tone It Up Protein package!!!

    How To Enter

    Post your transformation & story on Instagram using #SummerToneUp by Monday July 27th. be sure to tag @ToneItUp :heavy_check_mark: let us know which superlative you’re going for! we’re so proud of you girls!! :heartpulse: xxo

    This Team Is Already Crushing It!

    Check Out These Beautiful Checkins!


    Join us for the 6-week Summer Tone Up! Daily at-home workouts, motivation & connection, mindful meditations, and delicious recipes! We all start together May 11th!

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