By Katrina Scott on

Hey beautiful! And Happy Mother's Day to all the gorgeous mamas in this community! πŸ’• We're heading into week 4 of the Summer Series...can you believe it?! Take some time today to reflect on your journey so far, remember WHY you started, and get ready to push yourself this week. Your goals are within reach, your accomplishments are limitless...believe in yourself because YOU are the one who will make your dreams happen. ✨ We have some amazing workouts lined up for you this week, so make sure you sign up in your app today! And we're going LIVE twice ~ Kat and Stef are coming in HOT with a Core Crush workout on Monday at 4:30 pm PST and Kat and Chyna are leading you through a quick booty routine on Thursday at 7:30 am PST. We love working out live with you girls and we're so excited to do it even more! Week 4 is all yours girl...let's do this! xxo, Karena

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