Summer Challenge Halfway Point ~ Keep Your Motivation Strong

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This week marks the halfway point of the Summer Challenge!!! First, we want to say how incredibly proud we are of you! In the past 4 weeks, you’ve been cultivating new healthy habits, committing to yourself and this community, and really showing up strong 💪  And this is just the still have 4 more weeks to get after your goals and feel your best!

We want you to keep up the amazing momentum, so we’re sharing 3 tips to keep your motivation high from now until the end of the challenge. Let’s finish just as strong as we started!

Celebrate your wins

It’s SO important to acknowledge how much you’ve already achieved. What healthy habits have you created that you didn’t have 4 weeks ago? Where have you progressed in your workouts — whether it’s showing up more consistently, trying different workout types, improving your form, or upping your weights or reps? How has your mindset shifted? How do you feel at the halfway point? Take some time to reflect and journal on these questions. If you journaled at the start of the challenge, you can go back and look at those early entries to see how far you’ve come.  


Set new goals

Now that you’ve crushed some of your goals, what’s next for you? Choose 3 new specific goals to focus on for the rest of the challenge. These new goals can build on your earlier goals. So for example if you wanted to do 4 workouts per week at the beginning of the challenge and you’ve been consistent with that, how about upping it to 5?! You got this! 


Recommit to yourself 

If you’ve fallen off a bit, that’s OK — life happens! Give yourself compassion and focus on moving forward instead of looking back. There is still so much time and opportunity left to commit to yourself. Take this halfway point check-in as a chance to rededicate yourself. We still have a few weeks, so let’s make the most of them!

Remember to keep checking in with us on Instagram @ToneItUp using the hashtag #TIU2021 so we can cheer you on to the finish line!

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