Spring Clean Your Wellness Routine

By Katrina Scott on
Spring has (almost) sprung! Who else is ready for a ‘lil reset for the new season? This is the perfect opportunity to declutter your space, detox your body and mind, and refresh your routine. It feels SO good! When you clear things from your home and life, you’re making space for new healthy habits and more positivity! 


Here are our go-to spring cleaning tips that will help you feel reenergized and motivated!

Revamp your workout space

Since we’ve all been working out at home so much, think about sprucing up your home gym area. Little changes can make a big difference! Get some cute new bins or storage ottomans to hold your gear, hang hooks for your resistance and booty bands, add candles or a plant, and display pics or inspirational quotes that make you feel happy and motivated! Also, take inventory of your equipment and see if there’s anything you want to add to your collection. (How about ankle weights? They add extra toning perks to every workout!)



Clean out your pantry 

Take this time to go through your pantry and fridge. For each item, ask yourself, “Does this help me reach my goals?” If the answer is no, it’s time to toss it or donate nonperishables. If it’s something your partner or kids can’t live without, move it to a different cabinet that you don’t open every day. If you find something that will help you, like a blender or food processor, buried in the back of your cabinets, bring those front and center in easily accessible spots. And stock your kitchen with healthy staples like frozen fruits and veggies, quinoa, nuts and seeds, nut butters, tea, and of course Tone It Up Protein

Organize your workout gear 

Anyone else have old, stretched out sports bras from years ago?! Us too! Go through your closet and drawers and take a look at all your leggings, bras, workout tanks, and sneakers. Donate anything you don’t wear anymore and toss all those old socks with holes in them. Think about which workout outfits you feel most confident in, and put those front and center! Create a space in your closet where you can set out your fave yoga pants, tanks, sports bras, sneakers, and socks. This can be a shelf or a bin (we love rose gold bins from Target). This makes it so easy to grab your gear when you’re up for an early workout!


Refresh your supplement supply 

Look through your supplements and toss anything that is expired or doesn’t serve you anymore. This is also the perfect time to stock up on new vitamins (try our multivitamin, ACV, and Vitamin C gummies), collagen, and protein powders


Ready to refresh your workouts? We’re constantly adding new programs and routines in your TIU app! Join us for fun & challenging new workouts today!

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