This ONE Thing Is A Game Changer For Your Health

By Katrina Scott on

Can you guess what that one thing is? Hint: You already do it every night!

We’re talkin’ about sleep 💤  Getting proper rest is not only essential for your energy levels — it’s connected to so many aspects of your mental and physical health. 

When you’re in a deep sleep, that’s when your body gets to work. You’re burning fat, your muscles are repairing themselves, and you’re producing and releasing cytokines, a type of protein that improves immunity and lowers inflammation. Translation: you’re revving your metabolism, recovering post-workout, and boosting your immunity...all without even being awake! 

So don’t sleep on a good night’s rest 😉  We recommend at least 7 - 8 hours of consistent, deep sleep to get the most benefit. We know that’s easier said than done, so we’re sharing four science-backed tips to help you get the rest you deserve! 

4 Simple Tips To Get The Best Rest Of Your Life

Get your sweat sesh in 

One of the many perks of your workouts! Research shows that consistent exercise increases alertness during the day and improves length and quality of sleep at night. If you’re getting after it with regular workouts in your TIU app, you’ll see this benefit.  

Digest before you rest 

Going to bed on a full stomach can lead to digestion issues, which interferes with sleep. Plus, research shows that late-night eating can lead to weight gain because your body doesn’t have time to properly process those nutrients. Aim to have your least meal 2 - 3 hours before bed. Going for an easy stroll after dinner (even for just 15 minutes) will help you digest and wind down. 

Stop scrolling

IG will still be there in the morning ;) At least an hour before bed, put your phone away (we mean really away...on ‘Do Not Disturb’ on the other side of the room!). And turn off your TV, too. The blue light emitted from screens suppresses the release of the sleep hormone melatonin, which delays deep sleep. Instead, try reading or journaling before bed. 

If you are using screens at night, we suggest wearing blue blocking glasses. There are some really cute and inexpensive ones on Amazon!

Keep it consistent 

Just like we set up bedtime routines for kids, we should be doing this for ourselves, too! Having a wind down routine signals to your body that it’s time to hit the hay. Make a cup of herbal tea, listen to calming music, or do a nighttime meditation (find them in your app). The more you do this consistently, the quicker your brain will catch on!

Sleep tight babe!

Ready to feel fit, confident, and strong?! Join us for TIU4YOU for 4 weeks of incredible workouts, nutritious recipes, and daily motivation! 

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