6 Ways To Refresh Your Routine For a New Challenge

By Katrina Scott on

Hey beautiful! Happy week 2 of the TIU2021 Challenge

Our theme this week is refresh, which is perfect because we’re starting a brand new year with a brand new challenge! This is the time to refresh your usual routines to bring in new energy and inspiration ✨

We’re sharing six super simple ways to rejuvenate and uplevel your wellness routine for TIU2021. They’re all quick and easy, but they’ll make a BIG difference in how you feel and how you show up for yourself during this challenge!

Remember to keep checking in with us on IG with the hashtag #TIU2021. We love seeing your checkins every day ~ you’re doing amazing! 

6 Tips To Refresh Your Routine For TIU2021

Start a challenge journal

We talk all the time about journaling — it is such a powerful practice to write out your intentions, gratitudes, daily reflections, and to track your progress. We love to start a new, dedicated journal for each challenge. A fresh journal signifies a fresh start, and that feels SO good! Plus, it’s fun to pick out a pretty new journal!

Deck out your workout space 

This is the perfect time to give your home workout space a little makeover. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive ~ just adding a new candle, some cute organization bins from Target, or inspirational pics and quotes will bring new life to your space. Remember, this is YOUR space to dedicate to yourself, so make it feel special, homey, and motivating!

Try a new workout style 

Usually a strength training girl? How about giving dance cardio a try. Are you a cardio queen? Maybe slow it down a bit with a rejuvenating yoga flow. Switching up your workouts challenges your muscles in new ways, helps you avoid plateaus, and keeps things exciting. We challenge you to check out the On Demand section in your TIU app and try at least one new workout style ~ you’ll feel so accomplished and strong 💪

Switch up your smoothie

We all have our go-to smoothies, but it’s fun to mix it up sometimes! Try a new protein flavor, mix up your fruits and greens, or swap out your usual nut milk. We have so many recipe ideas in the nutrition section of your app

Upgrade your coffee 

Give your usual coffee or tea a beauty boost by adding collagen or collagen creamer. It’s so easy to mix in and tastes great. With this one tiny tweak, you’ll be supporting radiant hair, glowing skin, and healthy nails. 

Make a new playlist 

New music always brings new energy, and it’s so much fun to curate a playlist for each challenge!

Are you IN?! Join us for the Tone It Up 2021 challenge — 6 weeks of incredible at-home workouts, nutritious recipes, and community love & connection to get stronger together!



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