Ready To Intensify Your Yoga Flow? Here's How

By Katrina Scott on

There's nothing quite like that zen feeling that comes from a yoga workout! Flowing with your breath helps you feel centered and relaxed. But sometimes we love adding a little extra heat to our practice!  Today's HIIT 'N Flow workout in your Tone It Up app is the perfect combo of yoga and cardio. Your amazing trainer Chevy will lead you through a warm-up flow, so you start with that mind-body connection, and then you'll kick things up a notch with heart-pumping HIIT moves. Check out your Tone It Up app to get the full workout ~ you're going to feel amazing after! Ready to take any yoga workout to the next level? We have three easy tips to up your intensity ~ because you're so strong and we know you can handle it! Namaste, K&K

Turn Up The Burn On Your Yoga Workout

Mix in cardio

Chevy shows you how it’s done in your HIIT ‘N Flow workout with bursts of cardio, sprinkled with moments to reset the breath! By mixing moves like jumping jacks, jump squats, or mountain climbers into your flow, you spike your heart rate ~ and break a serious sweat! Add in quick 30-second pushes or set up interval rounds throughout your flow (say, 30 seconds of fast-paced, explosive moves like burpees or high knees in between your vinyasa flows).

Add weights

By upping the resistance on a few poses throughout your practice, you’ll notice your heart pumping and your muscles burning out a little faster! So go ahead and grab some light dumbbells and use them for moves like Warrior I and II, crescent, chair pose, and squats. Mix strength moves into your flow (like a set of lunges with your crescent pose, or reverse fly in chair pose). Add arm exercises to your lower body-focused poses, like bicep curls in goddess pose or tricep kickbacks from crescent.

Push the pace

Yoga workouts involve moving with your breath. And when you’re taking deep, slow breaths, you’ll move at a slower pace (as you should). To get your heart pumping, you can kick up the speed! Focus on seamlessly flowing from one move to the next, without pausing in poses. Use quicker inhales and exhales to move a little faster with each flow, while still crushing each position with strong form and focusing on every muscle group! You got this! The Tone It Up App will help you achieve your fitness and workout goals. Strengthen and tone your butt, abs, back, legs and total body.

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