5 Moves for Positively Radiant Posture

By Katrina Scott on
Karena Katrina Posture Exercises January was all about showing ourselves love. And it doesn’t have to stop there! One of our favorite ways to do just that — any time of year — takes just one second of your day. Try it with us right now: Roll your shoulders back, open up your chest, and shine your light to the world! ✨ We’re talking about posture. Beyond helping you stand taller and prouder, studies show that practicing good posture can actually reduce stress, boost your confidence, and kick your energy up a notch. Great posture also helps protect you from pain and misalignment in other areas of your body, like your neck, shoulders, hips, and knees. And when your alignment is on point, you’ll be more likely to reach your fitness goals — whether that’s getting faster, stronger, or improving your yoga practice.   If perfect posture doesn’t come naturally, don’t worry! That just means it’s time to show your back, booty, and core a little extra love. Those are the muscles that will pull your shoulders down and back, support your spine, and get you standing tall and proud! Here are a few of our favorite posture-promoting exercises to add to your Studio Tone It Up routine a couple times a week. (Or do ‘em at your desk when you feel that spine start to slump!)  Be sure to download the Tone It Up app for more routines to open your heart and work those posture muscles. Remember: You are so beautiful inside and out. It’s time to radiate that to the world! 

Posture Perfect Workout

Strengthen your posterior chain while opening your chest with these posture exercises. Do 12 reps of the following moves and repeat 2-3 times through! Kat Resistance Band Overhead Lat Pull - Best Posture Exercises

Overhead Lat Pull 

Sculpts your back, and opens your chest and shoulders.  Posture tip: Maintain a posterior tilt in your pelvis as you bring the band to chest level. Kat Single Leg Deadlift - Best Posture Exercises

Single-Leg Deadlift 

Strengthens your entire posterior chain: booty, legs, and core. Posture tip: Think neutral neck and spine, hips square, and chest proud.  Karena Reverse Fly - Best Posture Exercises

Reverse Fly 

Tones your shoulders and back, and opens your chest.  Posture tip: Really squeeze those lats together as you raise the dumbbells up wide. This move is all about that gorgeous back!  Kat Lateral Raise External Rotation - Best Posture Exercises

Lateral Raise + External Rotation 

Sculpts your shoulders and back, and opens your chest and shoulders. Posture tip: With your core engaged and hips tucked, you'll have the perfect base to sculpt all the muscles in your upper bod.  Karena Plank - Best Posture Exercises


Strengthens your core, shoulders, back, and booty. Posture tip: This one's all about perfect alignment from head to toe. Draw those shoulders away from your ears, and make sure they're are stacked directly over your wrists. 

Try our fave HIIT, strength, and yoga routines in the Tone It Up app! You'll break a sweat and see serious results fast!

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