Our Top Tips To Get Back Into Your Routine

By Katrina Scott on

How Tone It Up's Karena Dawn gets back into a fall routine

Hey beautiful! How’s your week going? Can you believe it’s almost Labor Day?! This summer flew by so fast! I did a ton of traveling this summer. It was so much fun, but I’m actually really excited to be home more in the fall and get settled back into my routine.  It’s that time of year where we’re all getting back to it — back to school, work, or just back to the grind. So I wanted to share my top tips for getting back into the swing of things.  I want to hear your tips too, so share with me in the comments! Tell me what you’re most excited about this season. Can’t wait to hear! xxo, Karena

Go “back-to-school” shopping

Wasn’t it always fun to go back-to-school shopping as a kid? There’s always something exciting about stocking up on new supplies and clothes. So why not do that now? Get a fresh planner or journal for the new season. Or treat yourself to some cute new workout clothes or a gym bag. This will help re-energize and motivate you. You deserve it! 

Make a list and check it twice 

I love a to-do list! If this isn’t already a daily practice for you, now is an amazing time to start. Take a few minutes in the mornings or evenings to make a list in your new planner. I like to make separate lists for my short-term to-dos and longer-term goals. That way, I can get the satisfaction of crossing off my daily tasks and then revisit my long-term goals without as much pressure. 

Create a new morning ritual 

Take this time to create a new morning routine. Most of you girls know that my mornings are sacred to me. I wake up early and light candles, meditate, read some of my favorite inspirational books, and work out before I head into the office or even check Instagram. A new season is a new opportunity to reset and carve out some time for you. Your morning ritual doesn’t have to look like mine — it could be taking a walk, listening to music with your coffee, doing yoga, whatever sets you up best for your day. 

Make Sunday dates…with you ;) 

Summer Sundays are usually filled with getaways, day trips, and parties. Now that we’re getting closer to fall, your weekend calendars may be a little more open so it’s the perfect time to take advantage and make Sunday plans with Y-O-U! Set aside time on Sundays to prep for your week — schedule your Studio Tone It Up workouts and write them down in your planner, meal prep, and take some time for self-care.  

Fuel yourself for success 

Kat and I also wanted you to have all the essentials you need to succeed this season, so we created special bundles to help you get back into your routine. They have clean and energizing protein, collagen, bars, and bites you need to take on your day. Grab them with %15 savings here! Let’s get after it together! 💪🤗✨  

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