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We know what you want this summer! And it's about to be yours, babe!

Follow along below for a some serious sculpting moves that'll leave you with sculpted arms and sexy abs!

Today's NEW BIKINI SERIES workout targets your entire core while strengthening biceps, triceps and shoulders. Bikini Arms & Abs Gif_v1

You're about to feel oh-so-strong! These moves deliver amazing results and you’ll be getting your heart rate up too!

TRANSLATION: Quick calorie burn! Let’s go…


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Download your printer friendly Move Guide HERE!!

    • tone-it-up-arms-abs-move1

      Move 1: Plank to Down Dog

      Warms up abs and arms! Begin in a downward dog, hips up to the sky. Transition into a high plank keeping your abs strong before pushing back to down dog again. Repeat 8-10 times.
    • tone-it-up-arms-abs-move2

      Move 2: Knee to Opposite Elbow + Row

      Begin in a high plank position, holding on to weights and pressing them into your mat. Keep abs engaged as you bring right knee up and cross it over towards left elbow. Return to plank and complete the move on the left side. Row each arm up one at a time, keeping elbows hugging waistline. Complete the sequence a total of 7 times.
    • tone-it-up-arms-abs-move3

      Move 3: Knee to Elbow + Tricep Pushup

      Shift onto left knee and left arm, opening up to your right side. Bring elbow to knee in a side crunch. Complete two crunches before bringing both hands back to the mat for a tricep pushup. Then alternate sides. That’s 1 rep. Complete 6 reps.
    • tone-it-up-arms-abs-move4

      Move 4: Knee to Elbow Lunge

      Step right foot forward into a lunge position with left hand flat on the ground for stability. Create a straight line from your left foot to right arm and then crunch in, bringing elbow back and knee up. Complete 10 reps. Go on to move 5 before switching sides.
    • tone-it-up-arms-abs-move5

      Move 5: Side Plank T Lift

      Bring left knee to the ground and straighten right leg back in a modified side plank. Grab weight with right hand and bring it up overhead into a T, opening your chest out to the right. Lower back down and repeat 10 times. Go back to move 4 to complete sequence on opposite side!
    • tone-it-up-arms-abs-move6

      Move 6: Rock the Boat

      Come into a V-sit position with one dumbbell in hand. Rock from side to side bringing weight to the right and to the left as your feet stay lifted and core stays tight. Complete a total of 15 reps.
    • tone-it-up-arms-abs-move7

      Move 7: Tricep Dips

      Stay in V-sit position, or if you need to go ahead and lower feet to the ground. Grab both weights up overhead and bend elbows down to complete 10-12 tricep dips.
    • tone-it-up-arms-abs-move8

      Move 8: Boat Crunch

      Bring weights in front of you, lift legs up and crunch as you complete a bicep curl. As you lower arms straighten back and legs into a straight line, keeping feet off the ground. Complete a total of 10 reps.


Bikini Arms & Abs Gif_v2

Feelin’ amazing?! Let us know what your favorite move was!

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